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Wiki Build Guide - Grand Marshall Aaron[edit | edit source]

Aaron is the premier "R" rarity tank. While Lewin can theoretically tank with the Protect skill and Scott can tank with Lance Phalanx (with damage reduction when above 50% HP due to Cautious Tactician), those two do not have soldiers suitable for tanking. Aaron does. Aaron also has a damage reduction Talent that gets better the lower the HP he has. So, Aaron is theoretically a stubborn old man who will not die. Alas, his R rarity stats betray him. At least he is better than Grenier when tanking!

To get this out of the way, yes, there are better alternatives to Aaron. Vargas beats Aaron at physical tanking and is superior to Aaron in every stat saves for MDEF and SKL. Vargas also has damage reduction, but is better at higher HP. Vargas can also come back from the dead once per battle. Meanwhile, Ledin beats Aaron in every single stat and can bring the pain when counterattacking if [Divine Guard] is active. Ledin can also guard against incoming magic attacks, which is a rare trait among tanks.

So, why use Aaron?

  1. You need a Glory tank and don't have anyone better or available. (Grenier, Ledin)
  2. You want a tank who can also provide some utility (Armor Pierce, Shield Bash)
  3. You need an extra Glory Tank for Guild Battles.
  4. You are doing a R-Only Rarity run.
  5. You just love the old man.

Honestly, the real reason is utility. Aaron has access to amazing skills and could make an excellent tank, but is held back by his R rarity stats. If he had stats on par with SRs, he could be on par with Vargas but for the Legion of Glory. (Both have Unbreakable Guardian, have high DEF, and have damage reduction. Vargas can come back from the dead while Aaron can passively heal himself with Reinforcement. However, Aaron does have Shield Bash...) Alas, this is but a dream that fades upon dawn's first light. Onto the guide itself!

Skills[edit | edit source]

Standard Loadout
Skill Unbreakable Guardian.png
Unbreakable Guardian
Skill Power Stab.png
Power Stab
Skill Reinforcement.png
Standard skills based on main class progression. Aaron is a tank character and protects his allies with Unbreakable Guardian, while Power Stab allows him to deal damage and keep his DEF to ATK conversion up. Reinforcement helps keep Aaron alive by healing him after every action.

If desired, one can swap out Reinforcement for Tenacity for DEF stacking. The extra DEF will help Aaron against physical attacks and help his damage output when his damage conversion is active. However, the stacked effects only last for one action which hurts its overall effectiveness. It doesn't help that Aaron's DEF is also on the lower end due to having R rarity stats.

Support Tank Aaron
Skill Unbreakable Guardian.png
Unbreakable Guardian
Skill Armor Pierce.png
Armor Pierce
Skill Reinforcement.png
An alternative to the Standard loadout but worthy enough to warrant its own slot. We swap out Power Stab for Armor Pierce for the more support oriented Aaron. Armor Pierce reduces the enemy's DEF by 30% after combat, allowing more suitable allies to take down the hostile threat. Considering that Aaron is cursed with "R Rarity Stats," Armor Pierce may be more enticing for him than Power Stab. (Basically, Aaron is not good at dealing damage due to his low stats. Use Armor Pierce to open the way for your proper DPS units to slay the target.)
True Survivor Aaron (Cost: 1 Runestone)
Skill Unbreakable Guardian.png
Unbreakable Guardian
Skill Shield Bash.png
Shield Bash
Skill Reinforcement.png
Similar to Standard, but we use a Runestone to obtain Shield Bash. Shield Bash stuns enemies for a single turn, which helps Aaron outlast his opponents as well as assist allies in taking down troublesome targets. Combined with Aaron's "Old But Tough" Talent, this skill set theoretically allows Aaron to hold off enemy forces all on his own.
DPS Aaron (Cost: 1 Runestone)
Skill Power Stab.png
Power Stab
Skill Armor Pierce.png
Armor Pierce
Skill Detect.png
Armor Pierce the enemy and followup with a Power Stab for maximum carnage. Hope that Detect blesses you with critical hits for even more damage!...



Only run for kicks. Please don't do DPS Aaron. The man is meant to tank, not deal damage.

Detect can be replaced by Healing or Tenacity if you don't want to waste a Runestone. But, if you are running this build, chances are you really like Aaron and wanted to give it a whirl (or you are doing a R-only run or something).

Equipment[edit | edit source]

SR Equipment
Equip Spear4.png
Blood Lance
Equip MetalArmor4.png
Mithril Armor
Equip MetalHelmet4.png
Chain Helmet
Standard Tanking Gear. All items boost DEF as their special effect.
SR Accessory
Equip Holy3.png
Protect Ring
Equip Boots2.png
The Icon is the best accessory for Tanks as it grants extra HP and DEF while its special effect further increases DEF and incoming Healing. The extra heals synergies well with Aaron's Reinforcement passive.

The Protect Ring is a solid accessory, granting extra HP and DEF while increasing HP as its bonus.

Greaves are an okay accessory, granting DEF and MDEF while further increasing MDEF as a bonus.

SSR Equipment
Equip Spear11.png
Yggdrasil Branch
Equip MetalArmor12.png
Bloodline Magic Armor
Equip MetalHelmet13.png
Vampire Mask

The Yggdrasil Branch is the standard SSR weapon for Lancer Tanks. The bonus effects increase DEF and allows the user to ignore some of the enemy's DEF when in combat.

Bloodline Magic Armor is the best armor for pure survivability due to its ability to reduce incoming melee damage by 30%. Even though this damage reduction is RNG based, its effects are extremely powerful when it does activate. This damage reduction effect even stacks with other sources, such as from the Phalanx or Aaron's Talent! The Bloodline Armor also increases HP and DEF as a bonus. // However, other armors work just as well, such as Aeneas' Armor or Gaea's Armor. They are more straightforward with their effects and can be used instead if one dislikes the RNG aspect of Bloodline.

Vampire Mask is the standard SSR helmet for Lancer Tanks. The bonus effects increase DEF and gives a chance to reduce nearby enemy's DEF by 20% for one turn.

SSR Accessory
Equip MagicProps4.png
Holy King Talisman
Equip Pendant6.png
Overlord Badge
Equip Holy4.png
Holy Ark

Holy King Talisman is the standard tanking accessory. Grants HP and DEF with a bonus effect that increases the wielder's DEF & MDEF when an ally is within 2 blocks. // A Giant Belt can be used in the meantime as it does the same thing, but for incoming melee attacks instead of being near an ally. The Giant Belt is also more useful for "solo tanks" that tend to operate away from the party (for whatever reason).

Overlord Badge is an alternative accessory for Tanks. Its main purpose is to be immune to Mobility Down which is the bane of any Tank. (Mobility Down will prevent the Tank from guarding allies.) If you have a healer or another unit with a Sage Hat that is glued to your Tank, you can pass on the Overlord Badge.

Holy Ark is used more for its melee reflect gimmick (30% at max) than anything else. Otherwise, it is not recommended.

Enchants[edit | edit source]

HP +10%
Damage taken decreased by 10%.
Hard Rock
DEF and MDEF +5%
When HP < 50%, 50% chance to restore 15% HP after battle.
DEF and MDEF +5%
When attacked, 20% chance to render the attacker unable to attack for 1 turn after battle.
Steel and Hard Rock are the standard enchants for tanks. Steel is an easy 10% overall damage reduction that is always active while Hard Rock gives the chance for the tank to heal itself when below 50% total HP. For Hard Rock, this 15% heal affects both the Hero and Soldier HP. (There's also the mechanic where soldiers can soak up "overkill damage," but that is an advanced topic for a later time.)

For Aaron specifically, Hard Rock may be better so he can utilize his Old But Tough talent better. Aaron's functionality kicks in when his unit as a whole has less HP (Hero and Soldier HPs combined). However, if Tiaris is around or someone has Regenerate, Steel may be preferred instead for overall usability. This will make Aaron's talent be more of a failsafe instead of a core feature for him.

Ice is mostly used for RNG crowd control and for PvP instead of PvE. It can be nice when it works, but when it doesn't...

Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Soldier Description Evaluation
Phalanx Phalanx Physical damage taken decreased by (10%-30%). Most Recommended
Phalanx soldiers are the standard tanking soldier since they take less physical damage. If in doubt for what soldier to use to tank, use Phalanxes.
Heavy Centurion Heavy Centurion (Unlocked in the Training Field)
When attacked, ATK & DEF increases by (10%-30%).
A lancer soldier that focuses on counterattacks. Honestly, they are not recommended for any sort of use and are best ignored. Phalanxes are superior tanking soldiers, while Amazon Champions (Aaron doesn't have them) are superior at attacking enemies compared to their other lancer counterparts.
Heavy Cavalry Heavy Cavalry ATK increases by (7%-20%). If for some reason you need to tank a bunch of incoming Infantry, you can use Heavy Cavalry in a pinch. However, if you have a cavalry unit of your own (or sufficient DPS), then there shouldn't be much to fear from enemy infantry.
Templar Knight Templar Knight (Unlocked in the Training Field)
When battling against [Demons], ATK & DEF increase by (15%-45%). MDEF increases by (15%-45%).
Templar Knights are used for Anti-Demon operations. However, one may be better off just using Chris and watch her annihilate demons all by herself (with her Zealots in tow).

Other Builds[edit | edit source]

None at the moment!