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Character Spotlight - Almeda

Rarity N

Availability Story character; Fragments obtainable from completing time rift quests

Talent At end of her turn, casts 1 debuff within X squares to X number of enemies. Heals 1 lowest HP ally for X times of her INT. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Protagonist

Final Classes Saint (Cleric)

Role Debuffer, Long distance healing, Anti-air units

Recommended Troops Cleric - increases healing ability Fairy archer - ignores terrain for hero and troops

Recommended Pairings Any - As a healer, she can be slotted in just about anywhere

MVP Situations Aniki Training - All Dragon - Ice/Thunder Time Rifts Timeless Trials

Comments Almeda is a basic healer unit obtained from the main story. She does standard healing fairly well and with her talent is able to heal a second time at the end of her turn while also casting a debuff on an enemy within range. If invested in, Almeda can take the role of a main team healer if you continue to develop her and obtain her fragments through the time rifts to increase her base stats.

For those that want more than just a healer, Almeda also has access to two AOE abilities, [Tornado] and [Ultimate Quip]. [Tornado] is an AOE ability that reduces the ATK & INT of enemies within range by 20% for 2 turns and is super effective when used against flying units. [Ultimate Quip] damages enemies, removes 1 enemy buff and replaces it with a random debuff. When used in tandem, Almeda is able to cripple enemies and cause them to be ineffective while tossing out heals to team members when needed.

Ending Remarks Do not let Almeda's "N" grade dissuade you from giving her a try. When developed, Almeda can reach an "SR" grade in the game and is capable of seeing teams through harder content with her repertoire of heals and debuffs.