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Basic Guides for Newbies and Veterans Alike[edit | edit source]

Game play Introduction[edit | edit source]

Game Play Introduction

The game Langrisser is what we call a Turn Based Strategy Role-Playing Game, or SRPG or TRPG for short. You begin the rounds or scenarios by choosing which heroes to use and where to place them on the available position markers pre-battle and then commence the attack. Battles are fought in turns, and the player always gets the first move. There are a myriad of intricacies that will sway the tide of battle in your favor or against. Those will be covered moving forward.Due to the game play style is similar to chess, and you must plot your movements and attacks carefully, we call these games SRPG's. Langrisser is an Anime inspired high fantasy drama that plays out on the battlefields and world maps and spurs player progression.

Attack Range and Danger Zone[edit | edit source]

In Langrisser, each unit has a fixed maximum movement range and the moving distance and range determine the attack range of the unit. In Langrisser when you click on your own hero, the blue area is the movable range, and the red area is the range that you can be attacked from but cannot move to. Similarly, when you click on an enemy unit you can also see their movement and attack ranges. You can have the Danger zones always displayed by clicking on the danger zones

Button on the bottom left of the UI (User Interface)

Note: The example image of danger zones does not include additional movement options enemies may have from their unique skills and talents, such as abilities that allow them to move again. Please pay attention to the enemies abilities in the harder levels if you hope to succeed.

Troops and Army Units[edit | edit source]


In each battle, the Commander needs to control multiple Hero "Forces", Each force consists of one "Hero" and 10 "Soldiers" or Troops; By default, the soldiers are formed up front with the Hero behind. This creates a "shield" for the Hero's HP, so in most cases the Soldiers need to be defeated before penetrating the hero's defense and causing damage. There are multiple skills, troops and abilities that can modify this behavior and it is central to the strategy in Langrisser to learn these as you progress through the game and unlock more troops to have at your command.

Battle Rules[edit | edit source]

During battle, both the player and the enemy take turns to attack according to the turn based rules; on the map, the commander needs to order the troops to conduct operations according to the grid; in battle the troops up front generally suffer the most damage and the heroes are killed after the soldiers. Without healing or special skills, once troops have died in battle, they do not come back to life, leaving the hero prone to attack and possible death.