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For the mobile game, see Bernhardt (Mobile).


Bernhardt Remastered Portrait.png

Bernhardt Classic Portrait.png

Bernhardt Mobile Face.png

Appears In
Langrisser II
Beginning Class
Rayguard Empire
Voice Actor
Motoi Koyanagi (小柳 基)

"What man dreams of scarcity and insecurity? Weakness incites betrayal. They only need one absolute king."

Biography[edit | edit source]

Once renowned for his ability as a mercenary, Bernhardt is the founder and Kaiser of the Rayguard Empire who brought his empire to greatness in only a matter of years. He is peerless in combat, strength and wisdom. His ambition is to unite El Sallia, believing a powerful ruler is what's necessary to forge peace on the continent once and for all.

Story[edit | edit source]

Elwin and his companions pursue the Empire's forces to Rayguard Castle. There they find the Kaiser, joined by the Dark Prince Boser. Soon after the confrontation, however, Jessica discovers that the Bernhardt they had encountered in the throne room was merely an illusion created by Egbert, the Kaiser's right hand man. The real Bernhardt had already traveled to Velzeria, and will soon perform the ritual to unseal Alhazard. Wasting no time, the group departs for the Forbidden Land.