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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

◆ Height/Weight: 208cm/102kg

◆ Appearance: Langrisser II

◆ Allegiance: Rayguard Empire

Hero Legacy[edit | edit source]

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The Emperor of the Rayguard Empire and the mightiest ruler on the continent. Originally a soldier of low birth, he built an empire from scratch by virtue of his extraordinary courage and strategy. Idealizing force and authority, he believes that only hegemony brings peace.

"Well, then, isn't that type of thinking only logical?"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Due to his clever, energetic, and charming nature, no one questions his decisions. Because of all of this, Emperor Bernhardt gained numerous victories. His four generals and all his other extraordinary subjects swear allegiance to him to their deaths, and he will never let them down.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

As a soldier he witnesses the suffering and chaos that war brings to the world, which he believes can only be terminated through absolute domination. In order to achieve his ambition to unify the continent, Bernhardt chooses to surround himself with darkness."

A Hero's Legacy - 4

In times of failure it finally dawns on him that only trust can establish real peace, but Emperor Bernhardt does not accept sympathy from his enemy Elwin. The defeated Bernhardt lets go of the Alhazard in his hands, and chooses to take pride in being Emperor and disappear into chaos.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

In the depths of chaos, he is summoned by Lushiris, and reappears in the present. His desire to conquer the continent has not disappeared, though.

"Save the world? Don't worry about such things, just give me the world to conquer!"

Voice[edit | edit source]

Summon - Recordings

"I'm the great Emperor of the Rayguard Empire, Bernhardt. Are you the champion who summoned me?"

Battle - Upgrade 1

"Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Good! Let us feast!"

Battle - Upgrade 2

"Very well. You don't need to worry anymore. Just leave it to me!"

Battle - Release Skills 1

"How stupid..."

Battle - Release Skills 2

"Be gone from my sight!"

Battle - Select 1


Battle - Select 2


Battle - Retreat

"You... beat me!"

Dialog - Bond 1

"Fool! Who allowed you to come in without an announcing yourself?"

Dialog - Bond 2

"You have such a commanding voice. It's very remarkable, really. No wonder so many soldiers follow you into battle."

Dialog - Bond 3

"What?! Save them? Listen, sometimes a ruler must think of the many, not of the few. This is the path to power."

Dialog - Bond 4

"'These soldiers put their lives in your hands willingly! Even my torture methods couldn't command such loyalty."

Dialog - Bond 5

"Maybe I am getting old! I should hand this world over to young people like you. Hopefully, you will live up to my expectations!"

Conversation - Daily 1

"What the world needs is a powerful and decisive king."

Conversation - Words of Happiness

"What a joke! "Give up" and "Defeat" are not in my vocabulary. Behold my power!"

Conversation - Words of Anger

"There's nothing I cannot possess! Langrisser! Alhazard! Even the world!"

Conversation - Words of Sadness

"Look at this aging body... How much time do I have to accomplish this great cause?"

Interaction - Recording 1


Interaction - Recording 2


Interaction - Recording 3

"I am very pleased..."

Interaction - Recording 4


Interaction - Recording 5

"Such a loyal servant... All I can do is to say thank you."

Interaction - Negative Feelings 1

"Don't you dare disrespect me!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 2

"How dare you!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 3

"Remember, I'm your ruler. Don't forget your place."

Interaction - Special 1

"You may leave now and rest, my warrior."

Interaction - Special 2

"You may leave, my loyal servant."