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Character Spotlight - Bernhardt

Rarity SSR

Availability General, Limited, & Focus Banners

Talent Upon entering battle, damage is increased by X%. Reduces ATK and DEF of enemies within 2 squares by X%. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Empire's Honor Darkness

Final Classes Brave (Spearman); Emperor (Infantry)

Role Casts faction buff for Empire's Honor allies; Tank, Stunner, Anti-high-DEF spear units

Recommended Troops Lava Spearman - At the end of the hero's turn, causes 1 enemy unit+troop within 2 squares to lose X% HP. Dark Infantry Guard - At the end of combat, causes enemy unit+troop to lose X% of max HP. Hero+troop recovers X% HP.

Recommended Pairings Empire's Honor - Altemuller, Leon, Vargas Dark - Bozel Other - Acts independently and uses situational Stuns

MVP Situations Aniki training - Spear Temple - Valkyrie Dragon - Thunder Time Rifts Timeless Trials PVP (All tiers)

Comments At the start, due to his low mobility and ATK, Bernhardt may not seem as effective when compared to other units. To get him up to par, it is recommended to unlock the Stun skill, located in the Gladiator sword class. Stun is an ability that is currently only available to a select number of units in the game. Stun allows Bernhart to disable an enemy unit for a turn, thereby allowing himself and his allies to attack without fear of retaliation. This ability is effective against most enemy units except dragons and temple bosses.

With the ablility to cast a faction buff for Empire's Honor allies, Bernhardt can often be found at the heart of this faction, enabling faction allies to deal an additional 20% damage when attacking contrasting troops (e.g., cavalry vs infantry, infantry vs spear, etc). When properly invested in, Bernhardt is able to deal DEF-ignoring damage, (up to 4 times), which helps to complement his passive abilities, one of which can remove a buff from an enemy prior to entering melee combat. When combined with his high DEF and his talent to increase damage output while lowering the enemy's ATK and DEF, he is more adept at taking down high DEF spear units compared to other infantry heroes.

Ending Remarks Due to his abilty to cast a faction buff, Bernhardt is a welcomed addition to any Empire's Honor team. For other teams, he may still be used as an independent unit who goes around buffing himself while dishing out an occasional stun when needed. While it may take some time before he can really shine, his utility in battle should not be overlooked due to his flexible skillset from both his Brave and Emperor paths.