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For the mobile game, see Bozel (Mobile), or for his remake page, see Boser (Remake)

Boser[edit | edit source]

Race: Human
Birthplace: Rigüler
Position: Ruler of Velzeria
Aliases: Paul, Prince of Darkness,

Faelart, Gambino

Voice Actor: Kaneto Shiozawa[1]
Appearances: Crest of Gaia,

Langrisser I-V

The avatar of Chaos who duty is to do his god's bidding, bringing terror and destruction to mankind. He's always searching for the demon sword Alhazard to complete his mission.

Story[edit | edit source]

Paul[edit | edit source]

Paul is the crown prince of Rigüler and the cousin of Altemüller von Eigil. An ambitious and ruthless man, he poisons and kills his uncle, the Kaiser of Rigüler, at the outset of Langrisser III.

Unsatisfied with his father's rule and eager to get his own turn at the throne, he uses the same poison to kill Kleist IV. The poison turns their faces turned a purple color and their skin to yellow.

After he is killed, Chaos summons his soul to tap his evil ambitions and make him an offer. He assumes the role of Boser and continues to appear throughout the series.

Boser[edit | edit source]

After the events of Langrisser III he makes his return and series debut as Boser in Langrisser I. He is the mastermind of the events that lead to the downfall of Baldea by Digos' hands. His goal is the breaking of Langrisser's seal so he can release evil onto the world. He is serve by Nicolis and Nagya who assist him in leading Ledin and the other Descendants of Light to Velzeria. He is able to summon his lord, Chaos but they are both defeated by Ledin and his group.

In Langrisser II, he appears as the dark lord who tempts Kaiser Bernhardt with the power of Alhazard. He is aided Sonya, Osto, and Esto as well by Lana who is under his control since she was young. He is the enemy of all who walk the path of light and wishes the revival and freedom of the race of monsters and especially his lord Chaos.

He returns in Langrisser IV under the pseudonym “The Dark Mage Faelart.” He uses the conflict between the Federation and Caconsis Kingdom in Yeless to push the continent into total war. He is ultimately slain by Landius, but not before he is able to send Alhazard away.

House of Eigil[edit | edit source]

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