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=== Hero Info ===

◆ Height/Weight: 162cm/46kg ◆ Measurements: 86/56/84 ◆ Appearance: Langrisser I ◆ Allegiance: Kingdom of Baldea

A Hero's Legacy - 1[edit | edit source]

With few experiences of the real word, the pure sister devoutly serves the Goddess and uses the Power of Light to bring bliss into people's lives. After the battle of Salrath, Chris follows Ledin into battle and never shrinks back even in the face of Chaos. Her heart is always full of goodwill and love, and longs to heal the wounds that war brings to the world. Never lose hope!

A Hero's Legacy - 2[edit | edit source]

The sister, who was once a member of a missionary group in pursuit of faith and truth, gets embroiled in several terrible disputes. Despite her weakness, her innate goodwill always helps her to protect her companions and all civilians with all her might.

A Hero's Legacy - 3[edit | edit source]

Always filled with warmth and a heart of love and healing, she helps her battlefield friends in any way she can. Although she's just a sister she makes every effort to catch up with Ledin's destiny simply out of admiration.   Erm, that... Prince Ledin, would you allow me to join you in battle?!

A Hero's Legacy - 4[edit | edit source]

After all is done, Chris marries Ledin and becomes the Queen of Baldea. Chris continues to struggle with how to rebuild this devastated world, bringing new hope to a new generation.

A Hero's Legacy - 5[edit | edit source]

She met The God of Chaos at the end of her adventure, and overcame the challenges of faith. Even after discovering the truth about her god, Chris never gives up her longing to love and dream. She is willing to put all her effort into spreading happiness in this new era.