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Number Name Treasure
1-1 Prologue 15 Crystal
1-2 Setting Off Speed Boots
1-3 Temple of Light 3x Friendship Voucher
1-4 Battle at Kalxath Trinity Voucher
1-5 In Flames Trinity Voucher
1-6 Holy Ground Reitel Life Staff
1-7 Demon's Sorrow 25 Crystal
2-1 Suspension Bridge 25 Crystal
2-2 Old Warrior Aaron Swift Helmet
2-3 Vargas, the Valiant Rare Crafter's Hammer
2-4 Langrisser Greaves
2-5 Ironwall Knights 30 Crystal
2-6 Emperor Bernhardt 35 Crystal
2-7 Siege at the Port Dragon Scale Armor
3-1 Engaging Imelda 35 Crystal
3-2 Dark Princess Trinity Voucher
3-3 Alhazard's Revival Rare Crafter's Hammer
3-4 The Sealed Key Feathered Light Armor
3-5 Vengeance 40 Crystal
3-6 Mightiest Knight Trinity Voucher
3-7 A Legendary Epilogue Rare Crafter's Hammer
4-1 Forward Trinity Voucher
4-2 WANTED: Dead or Alive Ghost Mask
4-3 A Veteran Blocking the Way 45 Crystal
4-4 Holy Sword of Legend 2x Trinity Voucher
4-5 A Rueful Pursuer 50 Crystal
4-6 Spare None 2x Trinity Voucher
4-7 Defense at the Iron Wall Mithril Armor
5-1 The Fall of Kalxath 50 Crystal
5-2 Chaos Trinity Voucher
5-3 Sister Sonya Rare Crafter's Hammer
5-4 Dark Prince Crystal Anklet
5-5 Scattered Stars on the Sea 60 Crystal
5-6 The Ancient City of the Twin Towers 2x Trinity Voucher
5-7 Final Battle 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
6-1 Escape From the Capital 2x Trinity Voucher
6-2 Head to Salrath 60 Crystal
6-3 Raid 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
6-4 Forest of the Dead Rune Axe
6-5 Imperial Guards 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
6-6 Siege of Baldea City Assault Ring
7-1 Brave of the Fortress 60 Crystal
7-2 Pursuit 2x Trinity Voucher
7-3 Rall River Torrent Epic Crafter's Hammer
7-4 City on the Lake 60 Crystal
7-5 Dalsis City 50000 Gold
7-6 Twin Towers Castle Epic Crafter's Hammer
7-7 Stone Statue Town 100x BrillianceMithralStone
8-1 Wolf Enclosure 2x Trinity Voucher
8-2 Howl of the Evil Dragon Aeneas' Helmet
8-3 In the Dark 70 Crystal
8-4 Velzeria, the Forbidden Land Epic Crafter's Hammer
8-5 In the Ruins 70000 Gold
8-6 Underground Temple 2x Trinity Voucher
8-7 Dark Seal 70 Crystal
9-1 Tiseo's Fall Epic Crafter's Hammer
9-2 Chaos in Laffel 70000 Gold
9-3 Sorrowful Swordsman 150x BrillianceMithralStone
9-4 General Geier Dark Crown
9-5 General Emerick 70 Crystal
9-6 Double Enemies 80000 Gold
9-7 Hilltop Reunion 2x Epic Crafter's Hammer
9-8 Southern Lushiris Gate 2x Trinity Voucher
9-9 Wizard Attack 70 Crystal
10-1 灼热的仪式 2x Epic Crafter's Hammer
10-2 妖女 80 Crystal
10-3 贤者法贝尔 2x Trinity Voucher
10-4 圣兽 150x BrillianceMithralStone
10-5 叛逃者迪欧斯 90000 Gold
10-6 破邪之剑 80 Crystal
10-7 佯攻作战 3x Epic Crafter's Hammer
10-8 拉菲尔夺还作战 Oath of Justice
10-9 超古代兵器 2x Trinity Voucher
11-1 男子汉波鲁兹
11-2 天空之战
11-3 美丽之都拉卡西亚
11-4 新的战争
11-5 再会死灵使
11-6 元帅的抉择
11-7 光与暗
11-8 疑惑
11-9 变幻的弗拉基亚
1-1E Prologue 25 Crystal
1-2E Setting Off Trinity Voucher
1-3E Temple of Light 3x Friendship Voucher
1-4E Battle at Kalxath Rare Crafter's Hammer
1-5E In Flames Trinity Voucher
1-6E Holy Ground Reitel 30 Crystal
1-7E Demon's Sorrow Rare Martial Spirit
2-1E Suspension Bridge 35 Crystal
2-2E Old Warrior Aaron Trinity Voucher
2-3E Vargas, the Valiant Rare Crafter's Hammer
2-4E Langrisser 35 Crystal
2-5E Ironwall Knights Dragon Scale Armor
2-6E Emperor Bernhardt 40 Crystal
2-7E Siege at the Port Trinity Voucher
3-1E Engaging Imelda 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
3-2E Dark Princess 45 Crystal
3-3E Alhazard's Revival Ghost Robe
3-4E The Sealed Key 45 Crystal
3-5E Vengeance Trinity Voucher
3-6E Mightiest Knight 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
3-7E A Legendary Epilogue 45 Crystal
4-1E Forward Elven Bow
4-2E WANTED: Dead or Alive 45 Crystal
4-3E A Veteran Blocking the Way Trinity Voucher
4-4E Holy Sword of Legend 2x Rare Crafter's Hammer
4-5E A Rueful Pursuer 50 Crystal
4-6E Spare None Scryer
4-7E Defense at the Iron Wall 50 Crystal
5-1E The Fall of Kalxath Trinity Voucher
5-2E Chaos 3x Rare Crafter's Hammer
5-3E Sister Sonya 60 Crystal
5-4E Dark Prince Feathered Hat
5-5E Scattered Stars on the Sea 60 Crystal
5-6E The Ancient City of the Twin Towers Trinity Voucher
5-7E Final Battle Epic Crafter's Hammer
6-1E Escape From the Capital 70 Crystal
6-2E Head to Salrath Sentinel Emblem
6-3E Raid 70 Crystal
6-4E Forest of the Dead Trinity Voucher
6-5E Imperial Guards 2x Epic Crafter's Hammer
6-6E Siege of Baldea City 80 Crystal
7-1E Brave of the Fortress 80000 Gold
7-2E Pursuit 2x Trinity Voucher
7-3E Rall River Torrent 80 Crystal
7-4E City on the Lake Twilight Armor
7-5E Dalsis City 80 Crystal
7-6E Twin Towers Castle 100x BrillianceMithralStone
7-7E Stone Statue Town 2x Epic Crafter's Hammer
8-1E Wolf Enclosure 2x Trinity Voucher
8-2E Howl of the Evil Dragon 80 Crystal
8-3E In the Dark 3x Epic Crafter's Hammer
8-4E Velzeria, the Forbidden Land 90000 Gold
8-5E In the Ruins Epic Martial Spirit
8-6E Underground Temple 2x Trinity Voucher
8-7E Dark Seal 80 Crystal
9-1E Tiseo's Fall 90000 Gold
9-2E Chaos in Laffel 3x Epic Crafter's Hammer
9-3E Sorrowful Swordsman 150x BrillianceMithralStone
9-4E General Geier 80 Crystal
9-5E General Emerick 90000 Gold
9-6E Double Enemies 3x Epic Crafter's Hammer
9-7E Hilltop Reunion Epic Martial Spirit
9-8E Southern Lushiris Gate 80 Crystal
9-9E Wizard Attack 2x Trinity Voucher
10-1E 灼热的仪式 100000 Gold
10-2E 妖女 4x Epic Crafter's Hammer
10-3E 贤者法贝尔 150x BrillianceMithralStone
10-4E 圣兽 90 Crystal
10-5E 叛逃者迪欧斯 100000 Gold
10-6E 破邪之剑 4x Epic Crafter's Hammer
10-7E 佯攻作战 90 Crystal
10-8E 拉菲尔夺还作战 Epic Martial Spirit
10-9E 超古代兵器 2x Trinity Voucher