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Prince of Darkness
Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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An evil being who has been vanquished and resurrected numerous times over hundreds of years, the Dark Prince ignites confusion and conflicted in the world in the name of Chaos. He commands the vast monsters of Velzeria, casting his greedy eyes upon the entire El Sallia continent. When the Dark Master appears in your army, everyone is paralyzed by fear...

"The Dark Prince is here, kneel before me!"

~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Font B.png ATK Font C.png
DEF Font B.png INT Font B.png
MDEF Font S.png SKILL Font D.png
Class Upgrade Tree
Bozel class.png

Hero Background

The avatar of Chaos that exists only to do his god's bidding. Originally Altemuller's cousin Paul, he was granted dark powers after his death and reborn as the new (and current) Dark Prince of Velzeria. Bozel is always searching for the dark sword Alhazard to complete his mission: Summoning the demon god, Chaos, to bring terror and destruction to mankind.

Starting Stats
HP 296 ATK 29
INT 44 DEF 24
Unique Skill
Gift 1000years.png

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
Mage Warlock 22 12 24 15 Normal attacks deal [MDamage] Sleep Fireball
- - - - - -
Reaper Skeleton Warrior 34 17 31 14 Resurrection: When Soldier HP is 0%, and when initiating combat, restores 15% HP. Decay -
Thaumaturge 26 14 29 18 Normal attacks deal [MDamage]. When attacking, ATK increase by 12%.
Dark Mage Skeleton Archer 26 16 31 14 Resurrects: When Soldier HP is 0%, and when initiating combat, restores 15% HP. Dark Sycthe -
Rock Golem 37 22 26 12 When soldier HP is below 70%, DEF increases by 20%.
Summoner Ambusher 31 16 31 16 Crit increased by 20%. Summon Undead -
Ballista 24 13 29 16 Troop's normal attack range increases by 1. When initiating combat, troop damage decreases by 30%, 7% chance to deal a strong debuff.
Death Lord Armed Skeleton 43 22 40 19 Resurrection: When Soldier HP is 0%, and when initiating combat, restores 15% HP. When attacked, DEF increases by 10%. Black hole Seal
Wizard 34 19 37 23 Normal attacks deal [MDamage]. When attacking, ATK & MDEF increase by 30%
Dark Prince Dark Elf Archer 31 17 40 26 When attacking troops with 100% HP, after entering battle,ATK increases by 15%. Dark Waltz Earthquake
Rock Colossus 48 28 31 16 When Soldier HP is below 70%, damage taken is decreased by 10%.