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This is the template category page for the various Skills in Langrisser Mobile. These templates are used to insert skills into various tables.

Say we want to add Tenacity to a table. First, we create the basic table outline. Then we add the template {{Skill Tenacity}}. For example...

{| class="wikitable"
| || '''Skill''' || '''Description''' || '''Cooldown''' || '''Point Cost'''
{{Skill Tenacity}}

Will show up as...

Skill Description Cooldown Point Cost
Tenacity Tenacity [Passive] When attacked, DEF increases by 5%. Lasts 1 turn. Can be stacked. - 1

These templates can be used one after another to easily create skill tables. In addition, should anything change (such as its name or description in-game), one can simply edit the template and it will reflect on all the pages it is used on.

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