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Notice: This template set is currently in its development and testing phase. Until it's finished, using this is not completely recommended.

SoldierTable Template information[edit | edit source]

This template series is created and developed to assist in easily adding soldier information to tables used on several different pages on the wiki. Currently, these tables can be found on Hero pages and on the Soldier List page.

Using the template[edit | edit source]

If you want to include the information for the standard infantry unit and the elite infantry unit to a heroes soldier table, you can use the template {{SoldierTable Infantry|HeroPage}} and the likes in the following way:

 {| class = "wikitable"
 | || '''Soldier''' || '''Unit type''' || '''Unit Tier''' || '''Description''' 
 {{SoldierTable Infantry|HeroPage}}
 {{SoldierTable Elite Infantry|HeroPage}}

And that results in:

Soldier Unit type Unit Tier Description
Infantry Infantry Infantry I Basic Infantry unit
Elite Infantry Elite Infantry Infantry II When attacking, damage taken is reduced by (10%-20%)

Very nice, this is what we want to see!

For the Soldier List page, this becomes:

 {| class = "wikitable"
 | || '''Soldier''' || '''Unit type''' || '''Unit Tier''' || '''Description''' || '''HP''' || '''ATK''' || '''DEF''' || '''MDEF''' || '''Availability'''
 {{SoldierTable Infantry|SoldierListPage}}

And this results in

Soldier Unit type Unit Tier Description HP ATK DEF MDEF Availability
Infantry Infantry Infantry I Basic Infantry unit 28 26 15 12 Hero availability

Using these templates makes your life easier, and editing incorrect soldier information corrects all hero pages at once! How nice!

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