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Character Spotlight - Cherie

Rarity SSR

Availability 7-Day Starter Quests; General, Limited, & Focus Banners

Talent When there are no allied units around her within 2 squares, damage taken is reduced by X%. After killing an enemy, gets an extra turn. X-turn cooldown. (Value of X is based on Star Lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Meteor Princess Alliance

Final Classes Dragon Master (Flier); High Master (Assassin)

Role Melee/Range DPS, Killing 2 weaker enemies within 1 turn - Hit, kill & run.

Recommended Troops Angels - High ATK, MDEF, & Mobility Griffins - High ATK & Mobility Shadow Assasin - High ATK & Crit Chance

Recommended Pairings Legion of Glory - Elwin/Ledin

   Meteor - Zerida (not available at launch)											

Princess Alliance - Luna

MVP Situations Aniki Training - All maps Dragon - Fire/Dark Time Rifts Timeless Trials PVP (lower and middle tier arena)

Comments Cherie’s talent and class, if you choose Dragon Master, allows her to be a highly offensive unit that is able to attack from a distance and escape back to where she came from. Currently, Cherie is one of two units that is able to get full movement after her turn and is able to attack again. Technically, she can attack and kill two weak enemies in a single turn. She has a skill that deals 1.5x damage and will reduce its cooldown completely if she manages to kill the enemy. This skill complements her talent and allows up to 3x the total damage in situations. She has a regeneration passive skill which recovers 20% HP after every movement, making her able to heal twice if she moves twice. She also has the choice to equip a passive that increases ATK by 10% when she is at 90% HP, further pumping her up as a strong DPS. Cherie also has skills that allow her to hit at a range of 2 squares, making her even more versatile in sniping and escaping. Pairing her with the Meteor Faction buff from Zerida (not available at launch), after killing an enemy, she can move 2 squares before activating her talent. With this, even if she were to convert into the assassin path, she would have enough mobility to escape after a snipe. Keep in mind that her ranged skill is generally weaker and might not be able to kill a full HP enemy at middle or late game.** Refer to note below for more info.

    • NOTE**

Cherie's ranged skill is not necessarily weaker than her other skill as due to ranged troops greatly limiting Cherie's movement, many people prefer to use melee troops instead which cuts the overall damage output of the ranged skill by half. If used at melee range, the skill would be able to do full damage. [The above note was contributed by Pyre from the Langrisser Discord]

Ending Remarks You will get Cherie after 7 days of fulfilling quest requirements without having to spend a dime. She is one of the best SSRs able to be used in both PVE and PVP in early, mid, and end game. Thus, it is safe to pump resources to build her. Do get her to 6* so that the cooldown for her talent will be reduced to 2 turns. Since she gets an extra movement after killing an enemy, at 6*, she will be able to activate her talent again after 1 additional turn. This is important in many limited turn based missions. With such easy access to Cherie, do not be afraid to use your resources on her at the start to help build up your team. Recommended to spend 2 runestones to further increase her range of skills and Attack stats.