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The Class-Troop Affinity System is a classic system of the Langrisser series and it is important to understand it if you wish to take control of the battle. If used correctly you turn the tides of war.

There are 10 main affinity types in Langrisser: Infantry, Lancer, Cavalry, Holy, Demon, Archer, Flier, Aquatic, Mage, and Assassin. While in battle you can you can tap the top-left corner of the interface if you need to refresh yourself on the affinity relationships.

Unit Affinities

Ranged units deal less damage when engaging melee battles [1 step range]

Class Affinity Attributes[edit | edit source]

Each Class-Troop type is characterized by unique affinity attributes that are important to consider in combat, as there are key advantages and disadvantages that will determine whether you win or lose. If there is an affinity relationship between two units, the attributes of the unit with an advantage will be enhanced and the unit with a disadvantage will be reduced when the two engage in battle. By utilizing the Class Affinity System to its full potential you will achieve victory.

  • The Three Major Affinity Properties
    • Infantry are strong to Lancers but weak against cavalry.
    • Lancers are strong to cavalry but weak against infantry.
    • Cavalry are strong against infantry but weak against Lancers.
  • 5 Minor Affinity Properties
    • Sea & Water units are slow on land but fast in the water.
    • Assassin and Shinobi can attack from a distance, and have a higher chance to land a critical hit. However, they do not have an advantage against any of class or troop. When they are caught in direct attack they will usually be at a disadvantage.
    • Flying units have excellent mobility with an advantage gain by being airborne, but they are weak to archers.
    • Archers are able to attack a unit from a distance and have a strong advantage against flying units. However, when archers are caught in a direct attack, they can easily be wiped out.
    • Magicians can attack from a distance but they are not strong or weak against any class. Their low defense will usually result in devastating defeat when confronted in a direct attack. Their damage is based on their intelligence stats rather than their physical strength, giving them an advantage against units with low magic defense.
    • Holy types are strong vs. Demons. Some of their damage is based on their magic defense stats or their intelligence stats, while others their damage is determined by their physical strength.

Remember to check your Unit Description before engaging in battle, as each battle will be different.

Keep in mind not only the Affinity but the map's terrain and the commanders arrangement as well, these are all important when determining what troops to hire.