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Today, I'd like to introduce one of Langrisser Mobile's most distinctive gameplay features - Class Transfer.

In Langrisser Mobile, each hero has an initial career, and as they grow stronger, they can transfer to other classes. Each hero's class tree is unique, and each hero has three class paths to choose from. Different classes unlock different skills and soldiers, so it’s imperative that you choose the right class at different stages of the game.

[Transfer Requirements][edit | edit source]

Class change.png

Classes can be advanced by consuming transfer materials.

Classes can be mastered by advancing them to the limit.

After mastering a class, you must spend some gold to transfer to another class.

[Acquiring Transfer Materials][edit | edit source]

Transfer materials can be acquired from Time Rift stages, and different classes require different materials. Passing as many Time Rift stages as you can is vital to transferring classes!

[Transfer Trees and Rarity][edit | edit source]

Class transfer2.png

Among the three paths open to each R/SR hero, only one path can be transferred to an advanced class. Five classes can be unlocked in total (initial + 3 intermediate + 1 advanced class).

Among the three paths open to each SSR hero, two paths can be transferred to advanced classes. Six classes can be unlocked in total for SSR heroes (initial + 3 intermediate + 2 advanced classes) pic2

[Changing Class Paths][edit | edit source]

062035504aj9Class Upgrade 3.png

Class paths can be changed! Every time you want to change your class path, you’ll need to consume a Magic Stone.

For example, in the screenshot below, if Lána has transferred to the Saint class, then you decide you want to transfer her to a Dark Princess, you must consume a Magic Stone for her to become an Archmage, and then a Dark Princess.

Bear in mind that skills and soldiers unlocked by accessing the Saint path can still be used after changing class path. pic3

Heroic classes greatly affect a hero's combat performance. Remember to not only to pay attention to each individual hero's class, but also how you combine them to overcome strategic challenges in battle!