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Members of the Descendants of Light: Ledin, Chris, and Narm

The Descendants of Light have been blessed with the power to wield the Sacred Sword Langrisser. Those present during the creation of Langrisser, later known as the Ancestors of Light, were given the ability to wield the blade against the Forces of Darkness. This blessing was passed down through the generations, creating a lineage of those attuned to the light. Many of these Descendants would go on to become rulers and servants of Ethlead, a kingdom later known as Baldea.

Throughout history, the Descendants of Light have been guided by Jessica, the human avatar of the Lucilis.

The goal of Boser and Chaos is to eliminate the Descendants of Light so that none may oppose the Forces of Darkness. Within the overarching storyline of the Langrisser series, there have been several attempts by demonkind to extinguish the lineage permanently.

By the time of the mobile game, it is possible that Almeda and Jessica are the last remaining Descendants.

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