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Dieharte[edit | edit source]

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Race: Human
Birthplace: Larcuss
Age: 17
Position: Knight of Larcuss
Height: 176cm
Descendants: Leon
Voice Actor: Akira Kamiya[1]
Appearances: Langrisser III

Diehärte Klaus is the protagonist of Langrisser III. As a young boy, he dreamed of becoming a knight and at the age of 12 was sent to study swordsmanship and chivalry under William and Geriord in the Kingdom of Larcuss. The game begins with his knighting ceremony.

He is engaged to Flaire, a close childhood friend, the daughter of Wilder and the princess of Barral Kingdom. His father was a knight and close friend of King Wilder.

His distinct curved sword, the Kotetsu (虎徹), was given to him by Kirikaze.

Class Changes[edit | edit source]

Langrisser III[edit | edit source]

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Secret
Earth Fighter Gladiator Swordsman Hero [2]
Wind Knight Silver Knight Highlander Knight Master [3]
Sky Hawk Knight Dragon Knight Dragon Lord Dragon Master [4]
Light Bishop Paladin Saint Sage [5]
Thunder Lord High Lord General Marshal [6]
Flame Sorcerer Mage Archmage Hermit [7]
Water Crocodile Knight Serpent Knight Serpent Lord Serpent Master [8]
Forest Hunter Archer Sniper Ranger [9]

House of Baldea-Klaus[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  1. Langrisser III
  2. Requires Hero's Crest
  3. Requires Knight's Crest
  4. Requires Sky Wing
  5. Requires Holy Symbol
  6. Requires Book of Scarsha
  7. Requires Magic Symbol
  8. Requires Mermaid's Tear
  9. Requires Apollo's Arrow