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Appears In
Beginning Class
Descendants of Light,
Kingdom of Baldea
Voice Actor

Biography[edit | edit source]

Doren was a former vassal of the Kingdom of Baldea. After the loss of the king and queen, Doren becomes both a teacher and father figure to their orphaned son, Elwin.

Story[edit | edit source]

Before the events of Langriserr II, Baldea Castle is once again under siege. The king and queen lose their lives in the chaos, but Doren is able to rescue the young Prince Elwin. The two escape and take to a life of wandering. After years of travel, however, Elwin's life is targeted again. Doren is able to protect him once more, but this time at the cost of his life. Motivated by his teacher's death, Elwin sets out on a quest for revenge against the demon who killed him, Faias.