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Hero Info

◆Height/Weight: 176cm/70kg

◆Appearance: Langrisser II

◆Allegience: Legion of Glory, Descendants of Light

A Hero's Legacy - 1

One of the most epic heroes of legend, he inherits the lost lineage of the Descendants of Light. He loses his parents in childhood and takes a sword to go on adventures by himself. By chance, he meets the apprentice mage Hein, and resuces Liana, the Maiden of Light. From there, he composes the legendary heroic epic of the Legion of Glory.

"The people of this world are able to rise again, no matter what setbacks they may encounter - and so will I."

A Hero's Legacy - 2

This upright, honorable, but also impulsive characters never spends too much time thinking about any great plans. In Velzeria, Fais, who killed his father Doren, understands that Elwin's companions are fighting alongside him out of trust, not his bloodline.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Elwin's legend has been widely recounted by minstrels for hundreds of years as he assembles the just Legion of Glory to crush the darkness. Confusingly though, the are different endings to the story. Some say that he turns to the dark side; others say that he becomes leader of the Empire; and still others say that he eventually defeats all enemies and friends alike, becoming the loneliest king in the world.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

In the history recorded by Jessica, the Archmage leaves the following conclusion fo Elwin:

"Ending the confrontation between light and darkness, Elwin and Liana traveled together to the four corners of the world to build a more peaceful world."

A Hero's Legacy - 5

Elwin's memories join Langrisser and his spirit returns to the past, tracing each legendary possibility of his own life.

"Perhaps there are a million versions of me in this world. Incredible, isn't it?"


Summon - Recordings

"I'm Elwin. I started as a wandering swordsman and ended up saving the world..."

Battle - Upgrade 1

"Well, this has been fascinating so far! Who knows where it will lead?"

Battle - Upgrade 2

"I will choose my own path with no regrets. I will fight for everyone's happiness...forever!"

Battle - Release Skills 1

"Leave it all to me!"

Battle - Release Skills 2

"Too slow!"

Battle - Select 1

"Let's try our best!"

Battle - Select 2


Battle - Retreat

"I can't...protect you anymore...?"

Dialog - Bond i

"I hope it wasn't a mistake trusting you..."

Dialog - Bond 2

"Why don't we face our enemy head-on? Are you too afraid?"

Dialog - Bond 4

"I think I will be happier like this. Nothing makes me happier than protecting everyone else's happiness."

Dialog - Bond 5

"Your will is my command... My sword... will be your strength, forever! This is the promise that I, Elwin, swear to you!"

Conversation - Daily 1

"It's not only the strength of Langrisser, it's our unity that will fight off the darkness forever!"

Conversation - Words of Happiness

"You mean...hundreds of years after I died, people ar eliving happily and civilization is flourishing? This is music to my ears!"

Conversation - Words of Anger

"If I must sacrifice my life, it will only be in the battle against the Alhazard and the forces of darkness!"

Conversation - Words of Sadness

"Losing your cool can cost you dearly in battle. Winning through anger and hatred only leads to the dark side..."

Interaction - Recording 1

"Yeh! Please don't stop!"

Interaction - Recording 2


Interaction - Recording 3

"This is such a refreshing feeling!"

Interaction - Recording 4


Interaction - Recording 5

"This is a very effecting healing method! Thank you!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 1

"I don't want there to be any ill feelings between us."

Interaction - Negative Feelings 2


Interaction - Negative Feelings 3

"No! That's so rude!"

Interaction - Special 1

"Our friendship is stronger now!"