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Character Spotlight - Elwin

Rarity SSR

Availability General, Limited, & Focus Banners

Talent When initiating combat, damage increases by X%. After battle, X% chance to recover HP by 30% of damage dealt by Hero. (Value of X is based on Star lvl); Note - Later patches = 100% chance to recover HP.

Faction Empire's Honor Legion of Glory Protagonist

Final Classes Hero (Swordsman), Grand Marshall (Spearman)

Role Grants Faction Buff to Legion of Glory. Serves as an anti-spear or anti-cavalry unit depending on final class selection. A key character in many bonding quests.

Recommended Troops Phalanx - High DEF, anti-cavalry Armored Soldiers - High ATK & DEF (increases ATK when attacking & increases DEF while defending) Masked Maids - High ATK, DEF, & MDEF (At max level - more versatile compared to armoured soldiers)

Recommended Pairings Empire's Honor - Bernhardt, Leon Legion of Glory - Ledin, Cherie Protagonists - Ledin, Liana

MVP Situations Aniki Training - Spear/Cavalry Dragon - Thunder Temple - Valkyrie/Water Demon/Phoenix

Comments Elwin was once said to be only useful for his ability to cast Faction buff for the Legion of Glory as his talent was considered weak and his stats were average. In a later patch, he was buffed such that his talent is very useful and his stats have increased overall. While Elwin may not seem to have an immediate use due to many other heroes being able to take the swordsman and spearman roles, he is needed nonetheless in many situations for his access to a wide array of skills.

Skills which make Elwin useful: Roar - Removes 2 enemy buffs before battle and reduces ATK. Has a low cooldown of 2 turns, allowing this skill to be used frequently. Sword Soul - Strong Attack and removes 5 buffs from enemy before battle. Prevents healing which cannot be dispelled. Head on Assault - Strong attack & adds a portion of ATK to DEF, disabling enemy passive. [Thanks to Pyre from Langrisser Discord for skill clarifications]

For some, Elwin might not seem necessary as Ledin can also provide a Faction buff to the Legion of Glory as well as serve as an anti-cavalry unit. Because of this, Elwin’s role is reduced to a buffer and swordsman role. However, many players seek to obtain him as he is crucial in unlocking pre-requisites for many characters' bonding quests to be further developed. Hence, he is considered one of the most sought after SSRs at mid to late game. Also, many events have him as a character with boosted stats or increased reward points.

Ending Remarks Due to his unpredictable self healing talent in earlier patches, he may be a bit unreliable in tougher maps and is the reason why many might think he is weak. There is also a misconception that he will most likely die when he attacks high ATK mobs. The reason why many perceive him as weak is due to him being used in the wrong situations. Training him to at least 5* and increasing his character bonding stats make him more reliable in later stages. He is very effective if used as a pure class, meaning either as a swordsman armed with infantry soldiers or as a spearman armed with spear soldiers.