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Character Spotlight: Emerick

Rarity: ★

Availability: Hero Summon

Faction: Empire's Honor, Strategic Masters

Final Classes: Grand Marshal (Lancer), Knight Master (Cavalry)

Role: Tank, Anti-tank, Offensive

Recommended Skill Combinations:

Combination Number Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3
1 Move Again Move Again Rout Rout / DEF Intimidate DEF Intimidate Onrush Onrush

Tier III Soldiers:

Soldier Offensive Utility Physical Defensive Utility Mental Defensive Utility Movement Range
Good (when soldier HP > 50%) Good (when soldier HP > 50%) Best 5 1
Griffon Knight
Griffon Knight
Best (when soldier HP > 80%) Worst (when soldier HP > 80%) Good 5 1
Best (when soldier HP > 50%) Good (when soldier HP < 50%) Excellent 5 1
Royal Cavalry
Royal Cavalry
Satisfactory Best (when soldier HP > 80%) Good (when soldier HP > 80%) 5 1
Guardian Cavalry
Guardian Cavalry
Worst Best (when attacking) Good (when attacking) 5 1
Vanguard Lancer
Vanguard Lancer
Good (when soldier HP < 70%) Satisfactory Worst 3 1
Orc Berserker
Orc Berserker
Good (when soldier HP > 80%) Satisfactory Worst 3 1

Utility Rankings (relative to other units for this hero)-

1. Best

2. Excellent

3. Good

4. Satisfactory

5. Poor

6. Worst

Stat calculations for rankings include conditions that alter stats (like being in water) unless they say "additionally".

Recommended Equipment:

Type of Set Weapon Armor Helmet Accessory
Best in Slot
Near Best
Best SR

Recommended Enchant:

Additional Comments: