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A Bracer of the Bracer Guild and the daughter of S-level Bracer Cassius. She's good at using a long staff even taller than herself. Naughty and hyperactive, sunny and sincere, she touched the closed heart of her younger brother Joshua, and they became the greatest of allies. In the past, Estelle's mother died in order to save her young child during the war. After that, Estelle was determined to become a Bracer to protect civilians. Influenced by her father, Cassius, she grew up to be an outgoing girl, and went on a spiritual journey to the Liberl Kingdom with her younger adopted brother, Joshua. After successfully stopping the coup that threatened to overthrow the kingdom, Estelle gradually realized her preternatural affection for Joshua, but on the night of her confession to Joshua, all she got was a sad goodbye kiss. Since then, Estelle has been on the road, looking for Joshua. With her outgoing personality, she inspired her companions and gradually grew up. In the end, she was reunited with Joshua. In the Battle of the Floating City, she helped Joshua break free the magic controlling him, and beat the formidable Weissmann. After the Battle of the Floating City, she traveled around the land with Joshua and tried to stop Uroboros' plot, and successfully assisted another executor, "Angel of Death" - Renne, with the conflict in her heart. Together, they beat the humanoid weapon, Type-γ. The summoned, Estelle, is still very outgoing and forthright, like a lively little sun warming the hearts of the people around her. She left stories of Bracers in the land of El Sallia.