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Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
Weapon Type
Icon Class Demons.png Demons
Faction Type
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One of the Demon Generals under the command of the Dark Prince Bozel, a demon with shape-shifting powers, transforms into sorceress Feraquea, a demon queen who despises mankind. She looks like a combination between beauty and terror. Because demons can be resurrected, she has appeared many times during the history of the Battle between Langrisser and Alhazard, an enemy particularly dreaded by Light. "Tremble, mortals! Ha-ha-ha...Submit to the charm of the Demon Queen!"
~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Font A.png ATK Font C.png
DEF Font B.png INT Font D.png
MDEF Font E.png SKILL Font A.png
Class Upgrade Tree
Feraquea class.png

Hero Background

Feraquea is one of Bozel's three dark servants from Velzeria. She first appears directing an ambush and attacking citadel in Scenario 11. Upon her defeat, she returns to Bozel in Velzeria. Under the orders of Bozel, Feraquea attempts to throw the Kingdom of Elthlead into chaos by assuming the form of Richard, a surviving member of the Larcussian royal family. Her illusion is broken by the light of Langrisser, and Kirikaze apparently kills her during the battle.In Langrisser V, Feraquea is revealed to have survived. She attempts a similar trick by masquerading as Russel. Her true form is revealed when Werner casts the light of Langrissser on her once again. She attacks Werner and his entourage to help keep her ruse a secret. Although beaten in this battle, she teleports away. Feraquea is shown to be working with Geier, but although they do not get along with each other very well. She desires to destroy Langrisser and preserve the Demon Tribe, although Geier's intentions are something different. Eventually Feraquea faces Landius in battle, where she meets her ultimate end. She is reanimated by Grove as a master zombie and killed a second time by Sigma.

Starting Stats
HP 329 ATK 42
INT 27 DEF 23
Unique Skill
Gift Tie.png


When attacking, hero will be transformed into the same unit type as the enemy hero. If unit transformation occurs on this turn, you are granted 1 more action and ATK is increased by (5%,10%,15%,20%,25%). Lasts 1 turn.4-turn cooldown.

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
Change Thief 26 13 26 13 The soldier has no skills. Plunder reinforcement
- - - - - N/A
Ninja Female Forbearance 31 17 29 20 The crit rate is increased by 20%, and a random weakening effect is applied to the enemy after the crit is triggered. Pacing -
Brake 24 13 29 16 The normal attack range of the unit is increased by 1. When you actively enter the battle, the damage of the unit is reduced by 40%.
Change Ji Ambusher 31 16 31 16 When the soldier's life is greater than 80%, the damage suffered is reduced by 10%. Roundabout -
Elite Cavalry 26 16 31 14 Sushen: When the soldier's life is 0%, he will return to combat and recover 15% of his life after the war.
Great Magician Witch 26 13 31 22 Normal attack causes [magic damage], when the soldier's life is 100%, the attack increases by 10%. Magic defense -
Dark Elf 24 13 31 20 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack increases by 10% after entering the battle.
Phantom Magic RoyalDark Elf Shooter 31 17 40 26 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack and defense increase by 15% after entering the battle. Smoke Attack threats
Assassin 40 20 40 20 Crit rate increased by 10% and attack increased by 5%.