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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

◆ Height/Weight: 177cm/69kg

◆ Allegience: New Brave

Hero Legacy[edit | edit source]

A Hero's Legacy - 1

The 17-year-old captain of the town guards who grew up with Matthew and Almeda, playing the role of a responsible big brother. Because the assault of the Holy Army of the Hyborea Empire upon Dovalu Village and afraid of his father's fate, as the guard captain he launches a counterattack as soon as he is able. Yearning to become a hero, he doesn't know where to study the intricacies of battle-tactics, however he has a strange intuition of the plans of Velzeria.

"Don't worry too much. I don't get those grand ideals, but I'll be with you even if it means I have to go to hell and back!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

The shabby appearance of this frank and cheeky boy conceals considerable strength. As he's a bit older than Matthew and Almeda, he's always acted as their big brother.

"Ah, those two! I can't relax if they're not with me."

A Hero's Legacy - 3

"This is my first time out of the village! There's nothing special about the outside world!"

With this idea in mind, he faces challenges with confidence. Even demon forces can't scare him off. After undertaking a long journey and learning that even his hometown has been consumed by the flames of war, he is secretly determined to seek vengeance on the Dark Prince.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

He feels his strength slowly but surely building up, but there is still a long way to go before he can reach the greatness of those heroes from the legends. Maybe a masters in heroic deeds is required?

"I must seek revenge. If you even give up your hometown, what's the point of being the pride of your father?"

A Hero's Legacy - 5

As the adventure goes further, his hopes and wishes start taking shape. He does not carry Langrisser, nor Alhazard, but for Grenier his companions always come first.

"I want to win the war and bring those two back safely! It's that simple."

Voice[edit | edit source]

Battle - Upgrade 1

"Spectacular! Such power! This feeling is... Anyway, it's getting stronger, ha-ha-ha!"

Battle - Upgrade 2

"Oh! Lookin' good today! Lady killer coming through -- watch out now!"

Battle - Release Skills 1

"Don't try to escape!"

Battle - Release Skills 2

"Ha! Take this!"

Battle - Select 1

"It's my time to shine!"

Battle - Select 2

"Leave it to me!"

Battle - Retreat

"I have done my best... Damn it..."

Dialog - Bond 1

"Ahhh! You played me again!"

Dialog - Bond 2

"Hey! How about some barbecue, buddy!"

Dialog - Bond 3

"Strategy? That's totally above me. I just want a good fight!"

Dialog - Bond 4

"That was easy! We sure are strong! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Time to celebrate -- let's get some meat in us!"

Dialog - Bond 5

"I might not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'll fight with you 'til the end!"

Conversation - Daily 1

"Is there news from the mainland? Tell me!"

Conversation - Words of Happiness

"This is my first time away from the village! The outside world isn't really that special after all."

Conversation - Words of Anger

"No time to explain! Let's solve our problems like men! -- with our fists, ha-ha!"

Conversation - Words of Sadness

"What... My luck stat is just the worst..."

Interaction - Recording 1

"These are the best muscles in the world!"

Interaction - Recording 2


Interaction - Recording 3

"That's it! A little harder!"

Interaction - Recording 4


Interaction - Recording 5

"Your massage skills are insane!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 1

"Hey! I'm not like that!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 2

"Stop it!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 3

"Can't keep your hands where they belong? Are you looking for a fight?"

Interaction - Special 1

"It's a pleasure to meet you. I hope we have another chance to work together in the near future"

Interaction - Special 2

"Let's stop here for the day!"