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Character Spotlight - Grenier

Rarity N

Availability Story character; Fragments obtainable from completing time rift quests

Talent After being attacked, X% chance of gaining X% Attack AND defence for 2 turns. Can stack 2 times. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory

Final Classes Grand Marshal (Spearman)

Role Casts Legion of Glory Faction Buff; Physical Tank

Recommended Troops Phalanx - Reduces X% physical damage Armored soldier - increases X% Attack when attacking, increases X% DEF when defending

Recommended Pairings Legion of Glory - Any; can provide faction buff to them

MVP Situations Guild Dungeons Special events where Grenier is a bonus unit

Comments Grenier is 1 out of 3 main characters given out from the main story. Grenier is a fairly straightforward tank who suffers from unattractive base stats due to his "N" starting grade. When comparing his talent to other tanks, Grenier seems rather average at best due to the fairly vanilla effect. However, he is able to play the role of a tank fairly well at the start and is able to obtain the Legion of Glory faction buff early on in comparison to other tank units that require more investment before it is accessible.

With the [Block] skill, Grenier has a 30% chance to reduce 30% physical damage when being attacked by melee units. Offensively, he is able to convert a percentage of his DEF to his ATK. For those lacking in heroes, Grenier is an "F2P-friendly" tank unit and can work in conjunction with Cherie, a freely obtainable SSR unit.

Ending Remarks On paper, Grenier may not look like much as a main tank unit. However, it should be noted that he is able to get access to a power tanking troop known as the Phalanx. At max level, this troop is able to reduce physical damage taken by 30% which helps shapes Grenier into a much more reliable tank for harder content. The Phalanx troop is also shared amongst many heroes, so investing some resources into Grenier early on and helping him grow from "N" to "SR" grade may prove to benefit you in the future.