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This guide is meant for beginner. Once you understand the game, adjust accordingly. The game is about building a team of heroes and upgrade them to progress the game content.

Build a strong team[edit | edit source]

Build team based on faction and strategy[edit | edit source]

This is most important because of 1) you need to plan ahead; 2) limited hero pulls for free-to-play; 3) you don't know what team is effective until you play the game for a month. If you understand the game mechanics, then SR heroes is adequate to clear game content (I'm level 55 at this point). See Heroes for hero factions.

There are enough Trinity crystals to form strong team with 3 SSR hero. You should get Cherie for free (very good SSR hero for physical attack) for completing game content. I suggest once you have enough crystal for 50 pulls, try pull for banner for a SSR healer. Reason to pull SSR healer: 1) healer is not so dependent on faction, 2) SSR DPS/tank heroes is ineffective without late game gear and skill; SR heroes can out perform SSR heroes because of better skill for mid game (Level 1~ 50). From the 50 pulls, form a team of same faction. Play the game with the team until you understand the games better, the plan for more pulls for the heroes to fit your playstyle. In general, you get 1 SSR heroes from 80 pulls (2% rate). If you managed to pull Freya(SR) and Anna(Rare), use them. Freya guard and Anna Regenerate is powerful till mid game. Use Luna or Freya for faction buff at level 35.

Get SR and SSR gears for heroes to equip[edit | edit source]

At level 25 onward, start to equip with upgraded SR gear. Level 50 SR gear is more powerful, then level 20 SSR gear so SR will be relevant for at least 3 months of gameplay.

Level up heroes and upgrade their class[edit | edit source]

Focus on upgrade 6 heroes; you won't have enough energy to get materials for upgrade for free-to-play. Higher tier troop increase attack/defense significantly; you need to train troop asap. Complete daily Aniki for material to train troops. Troop to focus in priority based on current meta: 1)flyer 2) lancer 3) depend on your heroes. The reason for flyer is to get Angel asap for Cherie. Lancer upgrades needed for tank like Ledin and Freya. Do only 2 Aniki trial each day for the bonus materials. Plan the materials you need to progress the training tree to the troops you need. You need enough low level material to open the prerequisite to advance up the tree. You can obtain material to upgrade hero/weapon from Rift or Guild market. You get points from Guild War to spend on Guild market; the points is each to get.

Conserve your resources[edit | edit source]

Important resources are:

  1. Trinity crystal. Use to pull heroes from banner. Never use to pull SSR gears because you get SR/SSR gears from daily events in late games.
  2. Runestone. Needed to upgrade hero side classes. You get only about 3 per month for completing games content. I started using runestone at level 40 because I have done 200 hero pulls; I decided on my main team/army combination. I used runestone to get skill and troops.
  3. Gold. Early game you have a lot of gold. Only use some gold for runes set for gear. Late game you need a lot of gold to train troops and upgrade gears.
  4. Energy. Priority for energy use: 1) Clear story chapters as much as possible to open Rift content. You get materials to upgrade class and gear from clearing Rift stage; 2) Daily events; 3) Random events on the map for crystal, gears and gold only.