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What exactly is a guild?[edit | edit source]

Guild Basics by Tinywhale (CN server - $0 spender)

Langrisser Mobile is a game you can either play as a single player or play as a social game. The game rewards you more as you team up with other players to fight dailies by giving bonus (usually token) drops as well as to reduce stamina costs.

The guild does support both single and multiplayer aspects and encourages you to make friends with other players of the game. I shall introduce the guild function in a simple FAQ style:


Q: Why should I join a guild?

A: The guild is a place where up to 50 players can come together and form under one same banner. You get to know players and might make friends as well as to fight together in guild dungeons and get additional rewards.

Q: What are guild dungeons?

A: Guild dungeons are scenario maps that are only available to those who joins a guild. The main or vice leaders can open them twice per week. Guild dungeons comes with difficulties and the leaders are to decide which will be more suitable for the guild.

Understanding a guild dungeon[edit | edit source]


Q: How do you complete the guild dungeons?

A: Guild dungeons are designed for team play but solo fights are also possible. Each time the guild leader open the guild dungeon, there will be 5 maps of increasing difficulty which the hardest will correspond to the difficulty that the guild leaders choose. Example if the guild leader open a lvl 65 dungeon, there will be 5 maps consisting of 55/58/60/62/65. Each map needs to be completed 100% before the entire dungeon ends. Clearing the first 3 maps each time have a 5% while the harder 2 maps are 3%. Every map will have 5 spawn of 5 enemies (last spawn are hero type enemies) within 18 turns. If you didn’t manage to complete the whole map, the % clearance will be pro-rated according to the enemies you kill.

Q: Why should I team up with guild mates when I can solo a map?

A: You can bring 6 characters to fight every time. Each map gives specific camp characters 40% bonus to attack/int making these characters much stronger. When teaming up, each player can bring 2 characters in making the possibility for clearing the maps much easier.

Rewards and Stamina Usage[edit | edit source]

Q: How much stamina does it cost for the guild dungeons?

A: You do not need stamina at all. Each character can be used once everyday after server reset time in any map. Once the character is used, regardless whether it survived/died/or you retreat the map. Thus if you have more characters, you can enter guild dungeon maps more often.

Q: What are the rewards for clearing guild dungeons?


A: There are 2 ways where you are rewarded, individual score and guild score. The amount of enemies you kill in the guild maps gives you a solo score while the total % clearance of the guild dungeon yields a guild score. You will get guild medals in accordance of the difficulty of the guild dungeon that your leaders chose. These guild medals can be used to exchange character advancement items/equipment upgrade items/gold and rune stone. Note that only one rune stone can be exchanged per month and there’s a weekly limit to all other items except for basic ones. Also, every time a map is cleared, there is a sub reward (gold/gems/red nuts) given out when the guild dungeon is completed or abandoned.

Tips and Recommendations[edit | edit source]

Q: Are there any tips to the guild function?

A: Personally I have 2 tips for new players.

1 - Join a guild that is around your strength and join fast. Don’t be afraid to change guild if it doesn’t suit you, but keep in mind that if you take part in the guild war with one guild then leave and join another guild, you will be unable to participate in your new guild's guild war until the following week. You don’t wish to be fighting guild maps that are too weak or strong for you (no way to leach as rewards will be v little if contribution is minimal). Also join that guild with a membership of 40+ and a guild leader that will recruit new members every now and then.

2 - Make equipment sets for classes. Since you will likely contribute 2 characters per battle, slot in the character that synergies with your other team mates. If you have a whole set of equipment for classes, you can swap them after a certain one has been used for battle. For example if you have both Leon and Matthew as calvary. Make one strong calvary equip set and you can pass it either character and even on the R card characters (remember bonus character gets 40% attack/int buff making them viable) Make a set for calvary/flyer/spear/sword/healer/mage so you can synergize when possible. At the moment there’s only guild dungeon, battles between guilds are not available yet. However, being in a guild helps you advance a character much easier as well as to build up your equip without a ton of stamina. Hence it is paramount that you join a guild and a good one too. Good luck there!

Post Guide Side Notes[edit | edit source]

You can join a guild when you are level 25, either join or create one with a token sum of money.