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Guyframe[edit | edit source]

In the year 4220 of the Gaia Calendar, the Veldarth Federation discovers a mysterious power in an ancient ruin. With the power of Gaia once again loose, Veldarth wipes out the forces of the rival Dearsle Federation.

The only troops left are the Armored Knight Corps led by Ervin Lambert, who begins a search for the crystals used by the ancient Kingdom of Elthlead.

The crystals are said to have the power to summon the God Smasher, an ancient Guyframe, when brought together.

Releases[edit | edit source]

Production Credits[edit | edit source]

Executive Producer: Yasamusa Shirakura

Game Design: Chikara Suzuki

Programmer: Fujishito

Graphics Design: A. Kakita, E. Suda

Character Design: S. Nakai, K. Kobayashi, E. Koyama, T. Saito