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Forward: Please do not add or edit heroes if you do not intend to at least give them at minimum a correct infobox. Copy Pasting from another hero, then not adjusting the contents is rude, sloppy and a waste of others time. If you want to contribute, please do, however an example was someone copied all of Elwins data to another hero and just put "To be edited" and left it for over a day. Anyone who did have time and might've saw this would skip it thinking it was in progress. Please be courteous to others. If you can contribute, please do. If you cannot, please enjoy the content.

Adding Heroes to the Selector Boxes[edit | edit source]

On the Main Page and the Heroes by Rarity Page.

Admins are the only ones who can do this, this is done on Template:HeroGrid and Rarity-Heroes

Follow the syntax of existing heroes.

Hero Infobox Tutorial[edit | edit source]

Basic Hero Infobox Explanation[edit | edit source]

To Input a Hero Infobox, use this shortcode at the beginning of your article.

** Hero Images are Automated by matching the character name + the _Face.png – so upload your images in this way, for example to put Elwins image there, upload an image named Elwin_Face.png

For Additional Skin Images the syntax is character name_BtlFace.png (Skin 1) BtlFace_C.png (Skin 2) BtlFace_D(Original Art)

{{CharacterAbout|charName=PUT_HERO_NAME_HERE}}{{HeroPage Tabs|{{PAGENAME}}}}

{{Hero Infobox

| Name = '''HERO NAME''' | WeaponType = ·        '''Class/Weapon Type Options:''' Infantry, Cavalry, Fliers, Assassins, Aquatic, Holy, Magicians, Archers, Demons | Title = '''Character Name or Title Desired i.e. “The wanderer” or whatever.''' | Origin = '''FIRST GAME OF ORIGIN IN SERIES PLEASE.''' | Gender = '''MALE / FEMALE – THERE ARE ONLY 2.''' | SummonRarities = Number of Rarities of the hero available <nowiki>| Rarity = {{Rarity|X}}Can be chained if multiple rarities

·        Where X is the rarity. 1 = SSR, 2 = SR, 3 = R, 4 = N

| additionDate = Date Hero Joined the Game.

| actorEN = The name of their English Voice Actor

| actorJP = The Name of their JP Voice Actor

| actorJP-kanji = The correct Kanji for their JP Voice Actor

| artist = Zlongame, Ltd. Unless otherwise credited

| Faction Type = {{Rarity|X}}{{Rarity|Y}}{{Rarity|Z}}

·        Where X / Y / Z etc are the Factions available to this hero belongs to; here is the legend:

·        10 = Demon

·        11 = Empire

·        12 = Protagonist

·        13 = Glorious Legion

·        14 = Meteor

·        15 = Origin of Light

·        16 = Princess

·        17 = Strategist

·        18 = Legendary (Langrisser 4)

· 19 = Heroes of Time (Cross Overs)



|Background = [[HERO NAME]] some quote you want here.