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Beginners' Hero-Summoning Guide[edit | edit source]

The concept of team building in Langrisser mobile is approximate to classic MMO: The holy trinity of Tank, Healer and DPS. Your main force will always including at least 3 characters for each position, since most times you can only send 5-6 units for each level, sometimes you need 3 DPS, sometimes you need 2 healers, and sometimes you need some special force for strategic goals, here's the basic guide for which hero you should aiming for each position.

Besides positions in team, there's another important factor to consider about: Character's faction.You can check character's faction in game by the icons above their attributes, Langrisser mobile have 7 factions at launch, with another 3 factions after certain update. Each faction will have certain characters can provide an indispensable buff for whole team as their level 35 skill, which will provide 3-4 buffs at the same time (+20% ATK/INT, +20% DEF, +30% MDEF, Plus some special effects based on skill), without those buff, you'll face hard time after the difficulty spike at level 35. And characters without buff can't have their peak performance on battlefield. Because of each of those buffs will only work for certain faction, Build your team around certain characters belongs to the same faction could use those buffs at full potential. But no faction is perfect, so having characters outside certain faction could help.