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Appears In
Langrisser I
Beginning Class
Kingdom of Baldea,
Descendants of Light
Ledin (son),
Elwin (Descendant),
Lewin (Ancestor),
Raymond (Ancestor)
Voice Actor
Yamamoto Kanehira
"Damn you, Digos! I wouldn't give you Langrisser if you begged like a dog!"

Biography[edit | edit source]

King Illzach is the ruler of the Kingdom of Baldea prior to the events of Langrisser I. He is a Descendant of Light and the father of Prince Ledin. Illzach is renowned by his people as a kind and benevolent ruler, treating all citizens with respect, regardless of their social status. During his reign, Baldea maintained an era of peace and prosperity. He is shown to have friendly relations with neighboring powers, notably his friendship with Duke Hawking of Salrath.

As a member of the Baldean royal family, it is Illzach's duty to protect the Sacred Sword Langrisser.

Siege of Baldea[edit | edit source]

The kingdom's era of peace ends when Kaiser Digos of the Dalsis Empire invades Baldea Castle. It is revealed that Digos is after Langrisser, with the intention of using its power to conquer all of El Sallia. During the attack, Illzach urges Ledin to escape to Salrath. He himself remains in Baldea to defend Langrisser, but loses his life during the invasion.