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Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Font C.png ATK Font D.png
DEF Font C.png INT Font A.png
MDEF Font A.png SKILL Font D.png
Class Upgrade Tree
Imela class.png

Hero Background

The commander of the Water Dragon Navy of the Rayguard Empire. She is a cold character who will kill even her own troops for disobedience. As commander of the Water Dragon Navy, Imelda feigned a personality that was the opposite of Vargas'. Her cruel disposition contrasted with her beautiful appearance to magnify the terror she instilled in troops. While sailing to Bernhardt's castle she was forced into a naval battle with Erwin and his troops. Reinforcements failed to arrive in time, and Erwin ended her life with a single blow. Her death destroyed the morale of the Water Dragon Navy and the unit collapsed.

Starting Stats
HP 250 ATK 26
INT 40 DEF 21
Unique Skill
Gift FemalGeneral.png

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
Magician Magic Apprentice 22 12 24 15 Normal attack causes [magic damage]. Frozen Group reinforcement
- - - - - N/A
Bishop Missionary 28 16 24 22 Normal attack causes [magic damage], and the effect of the hero's healing is increased by 5%. Healing -
Elite Hussar 28 16 29 16 When entering the battle actively, a 20% probability reduces the enemy's defense by 20% for 1 round.
Great Magician Witch 26 13 31 22 Normal attack causes [magic damage], when the soldier's life is 100%, the attack increases by 10%. Ice cone -
Dark Elf 24 13 31 20 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack increases by 10% after entering the battle.
Swordsman Elite Infantry 34 18 31 14 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle. see through -
Ji Wu 31 17 34 16 When attacking the battle actively, the attack increases by 10%.
Queen Wizard 34 19 37 23 Normal attack causes [Magic Damage]. When active attack, attack and magic defense increase by 10%. Group therapy Lightning storm
Dark Elf Shooter 31 17 40 26 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack and defense increase by 15% after entering the battle.