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Hero Info[edit | edit source]

◆ Height/Weight: ? - ?

◆ Measurements: 90/48/87

◆ Appearance: In all generations

◆ Allegiance: Guide of Light and Hope

Hero Legacy[edit | edit source]

A Hero's Legacy - 1

More than anyone, Jessica understands the history of Langrisser and Alhazard... An archmage and historical witness living through the battles of the Holy Sword. In the unceasing battles with the Dark Forces, she relies on her rebirth spell to extend her life as the voice of Lushiris in the human world.

"The Goddess blesses everyone!"

A Hero's Legacy - 2

Gentle and loving, she instructs countless heroes to accomplish great deeds, and teaches generation after generation of apprentices. Her compassion and warm guiding of mankind towards good shows the character of the Goddess she represents.

A Hero's Legacy - 3

Jessica has fought under many identities throughout the historic of wars of Langrisser. She has been the guardian of the Lushiris gate, mage of the high court, and an ethereal hermit in seclusion. No matter what her identity or when her last rebirth took place, the Descendants of Light always end up meeting her and with her help defeat the Darkness.

A Hero's Legacy - 4

As the Avatar of Lushiris, for a thousand years, Jessica has been silently protecting the world. She is constantly aware of new happenings concerning Langrisser and Alhazard. She uses her spell of rebirth to extend her life. Though the process of rebirth usually requires guardianship, it nevertheless ensures that Jessica obtains the upper hand in the endless battle between Langrisser and Alhazard.

A Hero's Legacy - 5

With the self-sacrifice of the Goddess Lushiris, Jessica's strength is reduced. On top of this the invasion of the demons is occurring earlier than the expected two-hundred-year cycle. Losing contact with the Goddess, Jessica is anxiously looking for a new way to fight the demons. With her remaining power, she summons a past self to assist the Swordsmith Legion.

Voice[edit | edit source]

Summon - Recordings

"I'm Jessica. Yes, that's right, I'm the incarnation of the Goddess. The fate of light is calling you!"

Battle - Upgrade 1

"Fortuna's wheel is turning again..."

Battle - Upgrade 2

"It's not my finest hour, but it's very good indeed."

Battle - Release Skills 1

"Poor man..."

Battle - Release Skills 2

"Steer clear of the darkness!"

Battle - Select 1


Battle - Select 2


Battle - Retreat

"Fine... That's it for now."

Dialog - Bond 1

"May the light be with you!"

Dialog - Bond 2

"It's great that your beliefs are so firm..."

Dialog - Bond 3

"Your eyes are always so clear and determined. What a brave man!"

Dialog - Bond 4

"'Only the bravest of warriors can receive my blessing. This was decided by fate, but this seems a little different... Never mind."

Dialog - Bond 5

"I actually... You already know? No wonder, as smart as you are... Then let me bless you with endless love. It's only for you..."

Conversation - Daily 1

"In my endless reincarnations, I have merely been fulfilling my duty. Maybe... I can no longer feel the shifting winds of time."

Conversation - Words of Happiness

"All warriors blessed by the Goddess, please take the world in your hands and witness its miracles!"

Conversation - Words of Anger

"As long as there is still darkness in the world, the holy flames of light must never be extinguished!"

Conversation - Words of Sadness

"If the Alhazard is sealed forever... Will I no longer have a reason to exist?"

Conversation - Words of Shyness

"Even if I've been blessed with a long life, I still feel shy sometimes..."

Interaction - Recording 1

"You really are very different..."

Interaction - Recording 2

"Well... Ha-ha."

Interaction - Recording 3

"What a lovely child..."

Interaction - Recording 4

"Come on, continue..."

Interaction - Recording 5

"For a moment, you made me forget who I was..."

Interaction - Positive Feelings 1

"This time my reincarnation has finally led me to someone I can spend eternity with."

Interaction - Positive Feelings 2

"If the Alhazard is sealed forever? I've found another reason for my existence..."

Interaction - Negative Feelings 1

"I am the incarnation of the Goddess of Light! You can't disrespect me!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 2

"Such ignorance!"

Interaction - Negative Feelings 3

"Even the Goddess can't forgive such behavior..."

Interaction - Special 1

"The glory of the Goddess is shining upon us!"

Interaction - Special 2

"You're welcome any time, my warrior."