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Global Release Date 06/13/2019

General Builds Bio Misc Classic
Joshua Bright
Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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I might not be reliable just like Dad...even so I still want to be your support as family.
~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

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Class Upgrade Tree

Hero Background

A Bracer from the Bracer Guild. The adopted son of S-level Bracer Cassius. Good at using double blades. Calm and smart, and very popular with the ladies, his best ally is his sister, Estelle. Born in Hamel village, this teenage warrior lost his family during his youth and witnessed untold tragedy. He was brainwashed into becoming Uroboros' Executor No. XIII, "The Black Fang", and carried out assassination missions for them. After a failed mission, he was adopted by S-level Bracer, Cassius, and joined the Bracer Guild with his adoptive sister, Estelle. The two later traveled to the kingdom together. After resolving the internal disorder they encountered there, Joshua expressed his feelings to Estelle, but was told by Weissmann that he had been brainwashed, and had been passing on intel about Cassius to him. Joshua, who remembered everything, believed he couldn't stay with his family anymore, and disappeared under the night sky after expressing his love to Estelle. After that, Joshua continued to work on stopping Uroboros' plans. He met Estelle again on his way to destroy the Sacred Red Ark, and then returned to the Bracer Guild to work with Estelle. In the end, during the Battle of the Floating City, Joshua broke free from the control of evil and beats Weissmann after he merges with the Aureole, with the help of Estelle. After the Battle of the Floating City, he traveled around the land with Estelle and tried to stop Uroboros' plot, and successfully helped another executor, "Angel of Death"- Renne, with the conflict in her heart. He accepted Renne, and let her join their group. The summoned Joshua still maintained his cool personality and strong assassination skills, and also passed on his own story to the land of El Sallia.

Starting Stats
Unique Skill
Blank Skill.png

Edge Lord

Crit chance increased by (10%,13%,16%,20%). After dealing a critical hit, deals fixed damage to the enemy. (Damage is equal to x1,1.3x,1.6x,2x) Hero's ATK.)