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The Kingdom of Kalxath is a country located on El Sallia. After the events of Langrisser I, Lance and Narm became the founders of the kingdom. Kalxath quickly developed into powerful country and throughout history has been renowned for its military might. During the storyline of Langrisser II, it serves as the leader among the rebel nations opposing the Rayguard Empire.

Centuries later, during the time of Langrisser V, Kalxath has become the dominant power of El Sallia, having incorporated nearly every nation on the continent.

In Langrisser I & II, Kalxath is represented by a green flag with a golden sword design. It is notably similar to the Dalsis flag, the country Lance formerly served.

Characters from Kalxath[edit | edit source]

Langrisser I

Langrisser II

Langrisser V