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Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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Weapon Type
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Keith vows to live in shame and postpone committing seppuku until he can avenge his lord by killing the sorceress
~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Font B.png ATK Font A.png
DEF Font B.png INT Font D.png
MDEF Font B.png SKILL Font C.png
Class Upgrade Tree
Kieth class.png

Hero Background

The Commander of the Airborne Corps in the Kingdom of Gukarsas is serious and rigorous, strictly abiding by the spirit of the Cavaliers. It is known as the most powerful knight of Calthas and a seasoned commander and commander. Responsible for teaching Shirley's art of war, although often troubled by this, but still very faithful to fulfill the responsibility.

Starting Stats
HP 284 ATK 42
INT 21 DEF 23
Unique Skill
Gift Pity2.png

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
Eagle knight Thief 26 13 29 15 The soldier has no skills. Wind pressure Yufeng
- - - - - N/A
Sea Knight Mermaid 34 18 31 14 Increases attack power by 10% when fighting in the water. Water gun -
Lobster 34 20 29 12 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack increases by 10% after entering the battle.
Dragon knight Griffin Cavalry 31 16 35 18 When the soldier's life is greater than 80%, the damage suffered is reduced by 10%. Lei Guang -
Elite Gunman 37 20 29 12 Increases damage by 10% when attacked into combat.
Knight Elite Cavalry 31 17 34 13 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle. Charge -
Elite Cavalry 34 18 31 14 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle.
Dragon Riding Royal gryphon 40 20 45 23 When the soldier's life is greater than 80%, the attack and defense increase by 10%. hold fast Wind language
Heavy Gunman 48 26 37 16 Physical damage reduced by 10%.