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Character Spotlight - Lance

Rarity SR

Availability First summoned SR from tutorial; All gem-cost Hero banners

Talent When in combat against flier/cavalry, ATK & DEF increases by X%. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Empire's Honor Strategist

Final Classes Dragon Master (flier); Royal Guard (cavalry)

Role Anti-Cavalry, Anti-Flier, Casts Faction buff for Empire's Honor allies

Recommended Troops Pegasus knight - X% chance to reduce damage by 50% when initiating attack Female paladin - Each square moved increases ATK by X%

Recommended Pairings Empire's Honor - Any, can provide Faction buff to them Strategist - Altemuller; Lanford (not available at launch) Other - Can equip Faction buff and act independently

MVP Situations Dragon - Fire/Dark Guild Dungeon - Empire

Comments Lance is the first flier and SR unit you receive in the game. His high mobility and ability to combat fliers and cavalry early on in the game make him quite useful. For players who do not have access to Leon, Lance may be used as a replacement. However, due to being an SR unit, the player should make sure to increase his star levels to increase his base stats. Since Lance does not have the ability to retreat after attacking, unlike certain other units, he relies on his natural/equipment DEF to tank the enemy's attack.

Ending Remarks Since Lance is 1 of 3 units able to cast a Faction buff for Empire's Honor allies, he will find many uses in guild dungeons as an attacker/buffer. If you roll on banners fairly often, it is likely that you may end up replacing Lance with someone who serves a similar purpose but has better stat values. If you're the type who rolls fairly little, don't have alternative options, or just like Lance in general, investing in Lance will have its pay offs so don’t consider it a waste to use resources on him.