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Global Release Date May 16th 2019

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Messenger of Justice
Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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Stats[edit | edit source]

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Class Upgrade Tree
Landius class.png

Hero Background
A brave warrior, taciturn but kind. A remarkable leader who sets examples with his extraordinary combat skills and commanding ability.

He raised Langrisser in the Battle of Yeless and destroyed Bozel's plan to revive Chaos and Gizarof's ambition to rule the world. He lost his parents in the flood and was adopted by Rachel and Ricky's father. When his village was destroyed by Gizarof and Rachel was abducted, he embarked on a journey of rebellion. Randius met the mysterious swordsman McClaine and the two princesses of the Kingdom of Caconsis during his exile. He joined Caconsis' effort to defend the Union Army's invasion. On his adventure, he was tricked by Faelart, who turned out to be the Dark Prince Bozel. However, his faith did not waiver. Surprisingly, he brandished Langrisser, the sword only usable by Descendants of Light, upholding his righteousness. When the war ended, he was known abroad as the brave protector of the Union and the Kingdom. He rescued the imprisoned General Lanford in a battle with Rainforce and led his troops to defend against the demons. This battle revealed his true identity - a descendant from Crimzo, the People of the Red Moon. Landius, after being summoned, displayed superhuman combat abilities and fought valiantly with everyone on the front line. He also seems to have a natural affinity with Matthew of the Swordsmith Legion.

Starting Stats
HP 339 ATK 53
INT 26 DEF 26
Unique Skill
Gift Landius.png

United Will

After taking action, if there is an ally within (1, 2, 2, 3) blocks, ATK increases by (10%, 13%, 16%, 20%) and (5%, 8%, 11%, 15%) of ATK is added to DEF & MDEF. Lasts 1 turn. When hit by a ranged attack, reduces damage taken by (10%, 13%, 16%, 20%) and launches a counterattack within 2 blocks.

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
knight cavalry 26 14 28 11 The soldier has no skills Breaking Move again
- - - - - -
General Elite Gunman 37 20 29 12 Increases damage by 10% when attacked into combat. Gun array -
Elite Infantry 34 18 31 14 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle.
Knight Elite Cavalry 31 17 34 13 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle. Counterattack -
Holy Cavalry 31 17 31 20 Attack and defense increased by 20% when fighting [Magic].
Swordsman Maid 28 18 31 18 When the skill of a soldier is higher than 80%, the attack is increased by 10%. Fuyang -
Ji Wu 31 17 34 16 When attacking the battle actively, the attack increases by 10%.
Grand Marshal Guard Gunman 43 23 40 17 When the soldier's life is less than 70%, the attack increases by 15%. Iron helmet Unyielding
Guard Infantry 53 23 37 19 When the soldier's life is higher than 80%, the defense is increased by 15%.
Royal kinght Guard Cavalry 43 23 40 17 When you take the initiative to enter the battle, all damage suffered is reduced by 15%. Yeless Legends Stop water
Knights Templar 40 23 40 26 When attacking [Magic], attack and defense increased by 15%, and the entire army's magic defense increased by 15%.