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Langrisser II

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Langrisser II[edit | edit source]

Title screen from the Saturn release

Langrisser II, or more specifically its Der Langrisser incarnation, was the first game in the series to introduce the branching storyline system. Its NEC PC-FX version, Der Langrisser FX, was the first game in the series to add animated cut-scenes.

Depending on the player's choices, the protagonist of the game, Elwin, can switch allegiances between three factions: the Descendants of Light, the Rayguard Empire, and the Demon Tribe. Alternatively, he can choose to create his own faction in opposition to the other three.

Elwin and Hein, his magic-using friend, begin the game by protecting Hein's childhood friend Liana from the ambitions of the Rayguard Empire.

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Story Information[edit | edit source]

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Production Credits[edit | edit source]

Executive Producer: Mitsuo Shibutani

Main Programmer: Kazuhisa Mitani

Sub Programmer: Kōichirō Fujiwara

Planning and Scenario: Fūma Yatō

Planning Support: Masayuki Suzuki

Scenario Support: Hiroaki Hori, Akira Hazuki

Main Graphics: Masayuki Suzuki

Graphics: Shūichi Kono, Takeyoshi Akane, Noriko Tasaki, Takahide Saitō

Sound Producer: Isao Mizoguchi

Composition and Coding: Noriyuki Iwadare

Sound Operator: Kōji Yoshimura, Kōen Shibuya, Sanae Kasahara

Sound Programmer: Dōgen Shibuya

Character Design: Satoshi Urushihara

Industry: Toshiyuki Komori, Kōichirō Terada

Public Relations: Hiroaki Satō

Technical Advisers: Toshihiko Matsuda, Nobuya Takayoshi

Producer and Director: Shinjirō Kōda

Assistant Director: Hiroaki Hori

Special Thanks: Hisaya Yabusaki, Akira Ishizuka, Kō Kubota