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Welcome to the Langrisser Wiki, an unofficial resource site created and maintained by Langrisser Team and the community.

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About Langrisser
About the Game

Langrisser is an iconic Japanese Anime Styled Strategy RPG Series originating in 1991. Using a unique Turn-Based Battle System that relies on having multiple Commander Heroes with Command Auras that generate bonus stats for their mercenary troops, you stage warfare in a dramatic story-driven adventure based around the tale of the struggle of the War-Torn Continent of El Sallia and two Mythical Blades, Langrisser & Alhazard. Later the story expands eastward to the "Mainland" continent of Yeless as well. Beginning with the flight from his castle under siege by the Dalsis Empire, Young Prince Ledin embarks on a journey to find allies to strike back, only to begin the saga that started it all. With Langrisser I & II now available on Modern Consoles, you can experience the classic adventure like never before in Hi-Resolution or re-live the classics with the classic mode features such as the original art, maps, and soundtracks and join our community of fans in the world of Langrisser. With the release of Langrisser III, we learn the history behind the Holy Swords creation and the Heroes and villains that started it all leading up to the peaceful times until Langrisser I. In Langrisser IV An adopted Orphan Boy and his Siblings village is under attack by the Federation hunting for the Sage Crystal. What Story unfolds between Langrisser IV & V to what was known as "End of Legend" is a sight to behold. And now with the dawning of Langrisser Mobile, 150 Years have passed since the end of Langrisser V - while some elements early on were very Non-Canon like in behavior and silly, as it is a Mobile Game, Zlongames Writers have taken a turn for the serious and brought much of the lore into the writing twisting it into what should be considered Canon Storyline at this point. Welcome to Langrisser Commanders.


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