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Help Wanted[edit source]

  • Langrisser Loremaster (To update character bios and provide insight into the classic Langrisser games.)
  • PvP Expert (To handle everything PvP related in Langrisser Mobile, from normal Arena to World Arena. Friendly matches count too!)
  • General Contributors (Just a simple Wiki Editor. Contribute what you can, when you can!)

Data Wishlist[edit source]

If this data is available somewhere or you can provide it to the Wiki, please let us know!

Information Requested

  • Hero Boosts (baseline, can be checked in-game) & Max Hero Boosts (after bonds).
  • 4-star and 5-star max stats for Heroes.
  • Baseline and max stats for individual Soldier upgrades.
  • Soldier Icons

To Do List[edit source]

  • Transition heroes to the new layout (See Aaron as an example).
    • Edit the Infobox Template to be more relevant to Langrisser Mobile (or make a new one).
    • To update, cross reference with the game itself,, and the CN Wiki.
    • Max stats can be found at the Max Stats Table (6-Star, LVL 60).
    • Skills are being implemented into the Wiki as character pages are being updated. These skills follow templates. Please see Template:Skill Tenacity as an example on how to make your own.
    • Soldiers are currently a work in progress. You can put placeholders or do a mockup chart if desired on the hero pages.
  • Expand and clean up pages lacking in information. Most of these are undocumented, but some will have the "Cleanup" tag.
    • The pages under "Beginner's Guides" and "Gameplay" may be a good start.
    • "Classic Langrisser" could also use some work. However, it may be easier just to send users over to the mainline Langrisser Wiki ( and keep this Wiki focused on the mobile game.
    • "Art & Music" is extra fluff and could probably just be scrapped (or moved to a separate "Bonus/Other" section.)

Random Page Ideas[edit source]

  • Have a page dedicated to NPCs in Langrisser Mobile.

Discussion Topics[edit source]

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