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Help Wanted[edit source]

  • Langrisser Loremaster (To update character bios and provide insight into the classic Langrisser games.)
  • PvP Expert (To handle everything PvP related in Langrisser Mobile, from normal Arena to World Arena. Friendly matches count too!)
  • General Contributors (Just a simple Wiki Editor. Contribute what you can, when you can!)

Data Wishlist[edit source]

If this data is available somewhere or you can provide it to the Wiki, please let us know!

Information Requested

  • Hero Boosts (baseline, can be checked in-game) & Max Hero Boosts (after bonds).
  • 4-star and 5-star max stats for Heroes.
  • Baseline and max stats for individual Soldier upgrades.
  • Soldier Icons

To Do List[edit source]

  • Transition heroes to the new layout (See Aaron as an example).
    • Edit the Infobox Template to be more relevant to Langrisser Mobile (or make a new one).
    • To update, cross reference with the game itself,, and the CN Wiki.
    • Max stats can be found at the Max Stats Table (6-Star, LVL 60).
    • Skills are being implemented into the Wiki as character pages are being updated. These skills follow templates. Please see Template:Skill Tenacity as an example on how to make your own.
    • Soldiers are currently a work in progress. You can put placeholders or do a mockup chart if desired on the hero pages.
  • Expand and clean up pages lacking in information. Most of these are undocumented, but some will have the "Cleanup" tag.
    • The pages under "Beginner's Guides" and "Gameplay" may be a good start.
    • "Classic Langrisser" could also use some work. However, it may be easier just to send users over to the mainline Langrisser Wiki ( and keep this Wiki focused on the mobile game. <-- Except when that site will be gone soon, durr. This site was made for all Langrisser not just mobile. Mobile just revived the series, it doesn't mean it IS the series.
    • "Art & Music" is extra fluff and could probably just be scrapped (or moved to a separate "Bonus/Other" section.) <-- Suck it. "Extra Fluff" people like.

Random Page Ideas[edit source]

  • Have a page dedicated to NPCs in Langrisser Mobile.

Discussion Topics[edit source]

Insert New Discussion Topics Here

Should we add Bond material requirements for each hero? I feel it would be pretty important for priority sweeping and item management. Though, a lot of us probably already went past most of the requirements, it might open up for people who are still building and want to contribute to the list.

Admins fix Template:HeroGrid plz