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Character Spotlight - Ledin

Rarity SSR

Availability General, Limited, & Focus Banners

Talent Reduces all types of damage by X%. When HP is above a certain % and attacked by melee unit, able to attack twice. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Protagonist

Final Classes Paladin (Hammer); King (Sword)

Role Grants Faction Buff to Legion of Glory. Guarding allies from physical melee and ranged attack.

Recommended Troops Phalanx - High DEF, anti-cavalry Armored Soldiers - High Attack and DEF (increases ATK when attacking & increases DEF while defending) Masked Maids - High ATK, DEF, & MDEF (At max level - more versatile compared to armoured soldiers) Master Monks - High ability vs Monster class, able to stack stats when buffed

Recommended Pairings Legion of Glory - Elwin Princess Alliance - Tiaris/Liana

MVP Situations Aniki Training - Cavalry/Spear/Mage/Cleric Temple - Phoenix Time Rifts Timeless Trials

Comments Ledin is a very versatile hero who is readily available in the first 2 banners. With the 3 starter characters and Cherie being part of the Legion of Glory, Ledin is able to buff all of them with his Faction buff. With his ability to tank and kill opponents when they attack him, he makes for a strong addition to any team. His unique talent and guard skill further increase his ability to kill enemies trying to attack him or the allies he is guarding. With the skill [Godly Guard], both his DEF and MDEF are combined to replace his ATK stat for 2 turns. Hence, if any enemy attacks him, he retaliates with the combination of his DEF & MDEF and is able to retaliate twice if his HP is beyond a certain %. This enables him to kill most melee enemies if his soldiers are countering.

Ending Remarks Ledin is a fantastic physical tank who can also buff himself and his team. His troop selections allow him to be versatile and counter different enemy types. Ledin is unique in that many use him as a paladin. As such, when tanking cavalry, he is dependent on his spear soldiers to bear the brunt of the damage. If his soldiers are to perish, he is unlikely to tank another cavalry attack. Otherwise, he is fantastic in tanking all other types of enemies especially the Monster type. Do also note that since it’s optimal to pump his DEF as much as possible, he will be weak to magic attacks which is similar to all other physical tanks. Possible situations in which Ledin is less effective would be special effect maps that reduce physical attacks or when enemy DEF is very high. In those situations, another tank may be better suited.

If built as a paladin he becomes exempt from infantry/cavalry weakness and can thus be very versatile depending on troops selected, alternatively he can opt for monks or mermen to avoid weaknesses to cavalry/infantry. Currently as a paladin (holy) he can still equip weapons/armor of the lancer/infantry/cavalry type.