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Hero Info

◆Height/Weight: 187cm/75kg

◆Appearance: Langrisser II

◆Allegience: Rayguard Empire, Descendants of Light

◆A Hero's Legacy - 1

One of the Descendants of Light, a legendary man and unparalled general. One of the four General who followed Emperor Bernhardt. Leader of the Blue Dragon Knights of the Rayguard Empire. He is very modest and courteous, but he is very proud of himself. Not only is he highly accomplished in combat, be he also possesses great wisdom and is regarded as the strongest knight on the continent.

"For the Empire! For the Emperor!"

◆A Hero's Legacy - 2

Leon, a Descendant of Light, is appointed by Bernhardt as the General of the Blue Dragon Knights in his youth. Extremely loyal to Bernhardt, he fights from beginning to end to make the Emperor's vision of uniting the continent come true.

◆A Hero's Legacy - 3

Stubborn and unyielding, he bets everything on the dream of the Empire. In the face of Elwin with his many outstanding partners, the Empire begins to retreat. Even knowing that the Empire's days are numbered, he fights until the very end.

◆A Hero's Legacy - 4

At the end of the war, he chooses to follow Emperor Bernhardt into chaos.

"Only by His Majesty's dream my own did I make it to this day. I hope to make my dream come true eventually!"

◆A Hero's Legacy - 5

Through the chaos, he is summoned by Lushiris and returns as a hero.

"This time, I'm fighting for the light!"


◆Summon - Recordings

"Leon Klaus, General of the Blue Dragon Knights, reporting for duty! May the Emperor's will be done!"

◆Battle - Upgrade 1

"'All the past, a prelude...' This era of chaos must be reformed."

◆Battle - Upgrade 2

"When you're with me like this, I feel even fate can be changed."

◆Battle - Release Skills 1

"Don't resist."

◆Battle - Release Skills 2

"This is a fight to determine our future. Life or death, darkness or light."

◆Battle - Select 1

"At your command."

◆Battle - Select 2

"Ready to go!"

◆Battle - Retreat

"How could my story end...in this...place!"

◆Dialog - Bond i

"Do you have any instructions for me, Your Excellency? I will take care of them immediately..."

◆Dialog - Bond 2

"This war is meant to save the world. We shoulder a heavy responsibility."

◆Dialog - Bond 3

"...Regret? I have no regrets. As a knight, I need to fulfill my duty and stay loyal to my country..."

◆Dialog - Bond 4

"Maybe...I was really wrong...If justice is lost along the way, how can the result be fair? I was such a fool..."

◆Dialog - Bond 5

"Thank you for believing in me. I will carry my sins to my grave, but now I wish to change this world under your guidance!"

◆Conversation - Daily 1

"I will be your sword and restore order and peace to the continent."

◆Conversation - Words of Happiness

"It is a great honor for the Blue Dragon Knights to serve you!"

◆Conversation - Words of Anger

"We nee dto unite the world. Strength is a must in order to create peace! Even if we must employ the power of darkness..."

◆Conversation - Words of Sadness

"War will not do us any food and will onyl bring sorrow. But if we remain silent, the fight will never end."

◆Interaction - Recording 1

"Forgive my blunt words. All I can say is thank you."

◆Interaction - Recording 2


◆Interaction - Recording 3

"As a knight, it is a great honor to recieve your courtesy..."

◆Interaction - Recording 4


◆Interaction - Recording 5

"It is my greatest honor to recieve your trust and friendship."

◆Interaction - Negative Feelings 1

"Please be modest. The knights are watching..."

◆Interaction - Negative Feelings 2

"Please stop..."

◆Interaction - Negative Feelings 3

"The Emperor isn't at all like this. Please forgive me."

◆Interaction - Special 1

"I have learned a lot from our conversations..."