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Disclaimer[edit | edit source]

This is a W.I.P.

Basic build[edit | edit source]

Lewin doesn't really need much and can be fairly easy built with the SSR equipment one gets from the beginner event.

Icon Name Explanation
Equip Sword11.png Seal Guardian A simple sword boosting Lewin's ATK by 10% and DEF by 5%.
Equip MetalHelmet6.png Aeneas' Helmet Increases Lewin's bulk by giving him 10% HP and 5% DEF.
Equip MetalArmor6.png Aeneas' Armor This armor not only boosts Lewin's DEF by 10%, but also

works with his talent, boosting the healing he gets by 10%.

Equip Boots4.pngorEquip Pendant6.png Winged Shin Guards or Overlord Badge Both help his ATK, while Shinguards increases his bulk in Enemy Phase,

Overlord increases all his stats by +5% and gives him immunity to various debuffs.