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Character Spotlight - Liana

Rarity SSR

Availability General, Limited, & Focus Banners

Talent At the end of her turn, removes X amount of debuffs from allies within X squares around her & heals them X times her INT. (Value of X is based on Star lvl)

Faction Legion of Glory Princess Alliance Protagonist

Final Classes Prophet (Cleric)

Role Healer, Debuff Dispeller, allows a single unit to have another turn

Recommended Troops Witch - reduces damage taken by Hero Cleric - increases healing ability Paladin - increases fighting ability against Monster type Highlander - increases ATK, reduces all types of damage

Recommended Pairings Any - Due to her role, can be used with practically anyone

MVP Situations Aniki Training - All Temple - All Dragon - All Time Rifts - All Timeless Trials - All PVP (All tiers)

Comments Liana is usable straight out of the box with her healing abilities and the [Again] skill, a unique ability only available to Liana. This skill allows an allied unit to have an extra turn. In addition to her healing prowess, Liana can also remove pesky debuffs from allied units. At 6*, she will be able to remove 2 debuffs instead of 1. In conjunction, her talent heals them as well. As a Prophet, she has the widest AOE heal skill known as [Saintly Recovery]. This skill heals a total area of 6 squares and grants 20% HP regen to allies for 2 turns.

Ending Remarks Liana's growth is very straight forward as she only has one final class. Even so, she is great at what she does and if you are the type who likes to play a healer, you can't go wrong with Liana. If you manage to obtain her, do not be afraid to invest in her as you will likely be fielding Liana just about everywhere.