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List of Langrisser II Fan Translations[edit | edit source]

Sega Mega Drive[edit | edit source]

English[edit | edit source]

M.I.J.E.T's translation is the best way to experience Langrisser II on the Sega Mega Drive. His work is a continuation of the earlier project by Hiryuu Honnyaku, with some assistance from byuu, D and Tomato. The translation includes a complete rewrite of the script that makes it more readable and natural.

This latest release features an improved ending, variable-height text windows and other enhancements. The translation uses the fonts from Warsong, helping to tie the gaming experience even closer to the Sega original.

For more information and the latest updates, check M.I.J.E.T's website.

Chinese[edit | edit source]

This is a translation of Langrisser II to simplified Chinese by Wolf Team (狼组). It is unknown when the translation completed, though it appears to be different from the earlier version 0.6 that was sighted online some years ago.

Like most Chinese translations, it does not translate any of the Japanese text written in small fonts. The main text of the game is fully translated and playable from start to end in Chinese.

This patch is in IPS format and should be applied to version 1.01 of the Japanese ROM. The ROM is sometimes labeled as "REV 01" or "REV B".

Super Famicom[edit | edit source]

English[edit | edit source]

This was the last release of DL Team's free Der Langrisser translation.

The update fixed a glitched portrait of Lana that appeared in Scenario 35 of the original game, as well as rewrote several scenes that were mistranslated due to speaker ambiguity.

This release also undummies the Demon units and uses them to stand in for the broken Elemental units that should be obtained by the Living Armor class.

The patch should be applied to version 1.1 of the Japanese ROM.

Chinese[edit | edit source]

This Chinese patch for Der Langrisser was programmed by madcell with a text translation by dehepo and released in November 2010. The translation uses simplified Chinese.

None of the text written in the game's smaller compressed font has been translated. It is unknown how much of the game is complete.

The patch should be applied to version 1.0 of the Japanese ROM.