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Appears In
Langrisser II
Beginning Class
Dukedom of Salrath
Scott (Son)
Voice Actor
Ryota Yano (矢野 龍太)

"Now then, Sir Elwin. I hereby leave Lady Liana in your care. Be safe, Scott."

Biography[edit | edit source]

Loren is the Duke of Salrath during the events of Langrisser II. He and his dukedom are among the rebel alliance opposed to Rayguard's rule of El Sallia. Loren is the father of Scott, and known to be unrelenting when it comes to his son's studies.

Story[edit | edit source]

After the Blue Dragon Army attacks the village, Loren offers Elwin, Liana, and Hein to rest at his mansion. The next day, he assists by holding back imperial troops while Elwin, Liana, and their companions escape for Estol. He urges Scott to go with them so that his son may gain invaluable knowledge and battle experience.