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Lucilis Remastered Portrait.png

Lucilis Classic Portrait.png

Lucilis Mobile Face.png

Appears In
Beginning Class
Descendants of Light
Voice Actor
Saori Hayami (早見 沙織)

"My name is Lucilis. Humans refer to me as the Goddess of Light."

Introduction[edit | edit source]

Lucilis is the Goddess of Light who represents peace through order. Since the creation of the human realm, she has directly watched over humankind by means of her avatar, Jessica. Since time immemorial, Lucilis has opposed Chaos and the Forces of Darkness. When the Cursed Sword Alhazard was brought into existence, she forged the Sacred Sword Langrisser in response. With Lucilis's blessing, the Ancestors of Light and their descendants have been able to quell the threat of darkness throughout history.

Those who worship Lucilis gather at the Temple of Light, with one of the largest temples located in Estol. Many people devote their lives to the practice, such as Liana and Chris.