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Race: Human
Birthplace: Larcuss
Age: 15
Sizes: 86-60-87
Height: 170cm
Position: Baroness
Ancestors: Torrand
Descendants: Namu,

Cherie, Clarett

Voice Actor: Hiroko Kasahara[1]
Appearances: Langrisser III

Luna is the daughter of Torrand. She first appears at the end of Scenario 4, where she asks Dieharte and his friends to help her father fend off General Emerick. She leads the party on a shortcut to save Torrand in Scenario 5, and joins the party during the battle.

Class Changes[edit | edit source]

Langrisser III[edit | edit source]

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Secret
First Pegasus Knight Dragon Knight Dragon Lord Dragon Master[2]
Level 10 Unicorn Knight Grand Knight Grand Lord Grand Master[3]
Level 30 Archer Knight Bow Knight Bow Lord
Level 50 Fighter Gladiator Swordsman

House of Torrand-Kalxath[edit | edit source]

Torrand ?Kalxath
Luna ?Kalxath
? ?Kalxath
Narm Lance
Kaiser Kalxath

Gallery[edit | edit source]

  1. Langrisser III
  2. Requires Sky Wing
  3. Requires Ancient Egg