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Leader of the Swordsmith Legion
Art by: Zlongame, Ltd.
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~ In‐game Hero description

Stats[edit | edit source]

HP Font A.png ATK Font A.png
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MDEF Font C.png SKILL Font C.png
Class Upgrade Tree
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Hero Background

A teenager living in the Kalxath Plains. When his childhood sweetheart Almeda is arrested by the Hyborea Empire, he is also drawn into the El Sallian continental war. A warrior chosen by the Goddess to embark on a journey to recast Langrisser and defeat all darkness on the continent. Step by step he discovers his true self in the course of his adventure. The righteous but slightly weak hero reluctantly embarks on an adventure. As an abandoned orphan, he's taken in by the Dovalu Village chief and doesn't care where he comes from. When it's certain that there is no turning back, he accepts his fate until the bitter end. He grows stronger and stronger with every battle.

As the war goes on, he becomes aware his own insignificance... There are too many questions in his mind: What exactly does the Dark Prince want? Who am I? Also, who is that mysterious girl...? With a keen sense of his own limitations, he earnestly studies the heroes from past ages. But there are some things, like a kingly spirit, that just can’t be learned...

Even when setting forth on his journey to recast the sword, Langrisser drifts from his mind the further he goes. At some point, Matthew can't even picture the shape of the sword. The world believes that Alhazard takes away the holder's personality, bringing about endless chaos and war. But Matthew just can't understand - is the weapon known as Alhazard really that evil?

Starting Stats
HP 246 ATK 32
INT 18 DEF 18
Unique Skill
Gift Friend.png


When entering the battle, if you have a friendly range of 2 grids, the 30% probability triggers an attack and defense increase of 10%.

Unlockable Troops and Skills from Class Change[edit | edit source]

Dragon Master Skill Tree Branches

Class Troop Unlock HP DEF ATK MDEF Skill Class Skill 1 Class Skill 2
Warrior Infantry 28 15 26 12 The soldier has no skills. Yangying -
Gunman 31 17 24 10/td> The soldier has no skills
Sniper Elf 26 14 31 18 Increases attack power by 10% in [Land] and [Mountain] Sniper -
Dark Elf 26 14 34 22 When attacking a unit with 100% health, the attack increases by 10% after entering the battle.
Swordsman Elite Infantry 34 18 31 14 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle. Attack command -
Elite Gunman 37 20 29 12 Increases damage by 10% when attacked into combat.
Elite Infantry 34 18 31 14 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle.
Elite Gunman 37 20 29 12 Increases damage by 10% when attacked into combat.
Dragon knight Elite Cavalry 31 17 34 13 Reduces damage taken by 10% when you enter the battle. Wind language -
Griffin Cavalry 31 16 35 18 When the soldier's life is greater than 80%, the damage suffered is reduced by 10%.
hero heavy infantry 43 23 40 19 When you actively enter the battle, the attack increases by 10%. When attacked into combat, the defense increases by 10%. The inheritance of light Sword dance
Heavy Gunman 48 26 37 16 Physical damage reduced by 10%.
Dragon Riding Royal Gryphon 40 20 47 23 When the life is greater than 80%, the attack and defense increase by 10%. Blast Disease
Heavy Cavalry 40 22 43 17 Attack increased by 7%

Strike Master Skill Tree Branches


Shadow Master Skill Tree Branches


Ranger Skill Tree Branches